2023-10-20 Recent Releases

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* SDLMAME 0.259 for Ubuntu -

* Qemu 8.1.2 [PC] -

* Panda3DS 0.7 [3DS] -

* Raine 0.96.3 [Arcade] -

* Gopher 0.26.0 [Atari 2600] -

* DCexel (2023-10-15) [EXL100] -

* Pyboy 1.6.0 [Gameboy] -

* Pantheon 13.130 [Multi-system] -

* AmiArcadia/WinArcadia 30.31 / DroidArcadia 2.4 [s2650-based] -

* 86box 4.0.1 [PC] -

* PPSSPP 1.16.6 [Sony PSP] -

* XEMU 0.7.115 [XBOX] -

Raine v0.96.3 has released!

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Raine is an Arcade/NeoGeoCD emulator as well as a great MAME alternative.



Gunbarich is a new psikyosh game, so 32 bits only, it's a crazy breakout, but with the standard joystick as input. Except that the fixes :
- fixed loading roms from internet archive when there are multiple rom names known and the 1st is not the one in internet archive, I noticed this one while doing a new raine install at a friend's... ! This bug was added in 0.96.2 because I wanted to have a visible error when the rom size wasn't found, well it wasn't found for all these games with multiple names !
- fixed a crash in the 32 bits version when trying to use any game using the 6502 cpu, there was a conflict between the 6502 and the sh2 because of an endif and a misplaced break... !

PYBOY v1.6.0 has released!

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In short, it’s a Game Boy emulator written from scratch in pure Python, with additional support for scripting through an API. We’ve added type definitions, which allows us to compile the software using Cython to get performance comparable to emulators written in C and C++.



  • Add rudimentary Pokemon Gen 1 gamewrapper
  • Dramatically improve performance

Xemu v0.7.113 (2023/10/13) has released!

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Xemu is a cross-platform, open-source application that emulates the hardware of the original Xbox gaming console, allowing users to play their Xbox games on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.



– vl: Prevent selection of HDD image as DVD image
– ui: Apply correct snapshot activation action for save menuitem

PPSSPP v1.16.6 has released!

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PPSSPP is a free and free-to-cart Sony PSP emulator (Windows, Android and other via SDL) written in C and C by Henrik Rydgard (very well known as Ector, author of the PSP Emulation Potemkin and especially known for Dolphin, who has also exercised over many Dream emulators).



– Fix performance issue with Vulkan descriptor set allocation
– Smoother loading of replacement textures
– Fix the store on iOS
– Fix problem with waves background
– Some translation updates
– Other fixed minor

Xenia v1.0.2808-master released a month ago!

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Xenia is an experimental emulator for the Xbox 360. For more information, see the main Xenia wiki.

Interested in supporting the core contributors? Visit Xenia Project on Patreon.

Come chat with us about emulator-related topics on Discord. For developer chat join #dev but stay on topic. Lurking is not only fine, but encouraged! Please check the FAQ page before asking questions. We've got jobs/lives/etc, so don't expect instant answers.



[VFS] Fixed invalid month decoding in decode_fat_timestamp

Steem SSE v4.1.2 R10 has released!

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Steem SSE ('ST Enhanced EMulator Sensei Software Edition' in full) is an updated version of Steem. Features have been added and emulation has been improved.

Steem SSE's goal is to keep the Atari ST alive in the hearts and minds of old and new generations.



Various bugfixes
– Fix bit order of Mega STE CPU control

jgnes v0.6.2 has released!

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It is a cross-platform NES emulator. It has a native interface built using SDL2 as well as a web interface that is compiled in WASM and runs in the browser.



– Upgraded wgpu to 0.17.2 to pick up a bugfix for the DirectX 12 backend where resizing the window would completely crash the program. This bug apparently did not affect the other wgpu backends
– Replaced the VRC7 expansion audio implementation with a stripped-down version of the YM2413/OPLL implementation from my Sega Master System emulator, which should be more accurate and also much more efficient
– Implemented the NES PPU’s grayscale bit, which was only used in a single officially released game: Noah’s Ark (EU) uses it for the water effect covering the bottom of the screen
– Made audio buffer size configurable instead of hardcoded

Gopher2600 v0.26 has released!

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Gopher2600 is an emulator of Atari 2600. Although performance is not as effective as some other emulators, it is nevertheless appropriate to play games on a reasonably modern computer.


2023-10-06 Recent Releases

CloudpilotEmu 1.9.1 has released!

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CloudpilotEmu is an emulator for Dragonball-based PalmOS devices that runs in a web browser. In particular, the emulator works on iOS. The emulator is derived from the original POSE emulator. Please see below for the list of currently supported devices.



MacOS: Please run xattr -rd cloudpilot-server-1.9.1
in order to remove the server components from quarantine before you run the server for
the first time. The first start may take a few seconds.

Windows, macOS, and Linux:

shadPS4 v0.0.1 has released!

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An early PS4 emulator for Windows and Linux written in C++. New PS4 Emulator from the founder of PCSX2!

It will not play PS4 games.. Not yet!



First release.

Only playable is videoout_basic demo

2023-09-29 Recent Releases

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* MAME 0.259 -

* MAMEUI Classic 0.259.0 -

* ARCADE64 0.259.1 -

* HBMAME 0.245.14 -

* NegaMAME 0.259-1 -

* Raine 0.96.2-1 [Arcade] -

* Kegs 1.30 [Apple2GS] -

* DeSmuME 0.9.13 [Nintendo DS] -

* WinArcadia 30.3 / DroidArcadia 2.36 [s2650-based] -

* Clrmamepro 4.047a [Rom Manager] -

PPSSPP v1.16.5 has released!

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PPSSPP is a free Sony PSP emulator (for Windows, Android and others via SDL) written in C + + by Henrik Rydgard (well known under the pseudonym Ector, already author of the PSP emulator Potemkin and best known for Dolphin, having also worked on a number of Dreamcast emulators).


The changes are as follows:

– Fix for crash when changing render backend in-game

Raine v0.96 has released!

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Raine is an Arcade/NeoGeoCD emulator as well as a great MAME alternative.


0.96: read the text on the following link…

For more information on changelog:


PPSSPP v1.16.3 has released!

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PPSSPP is a free Sony PSP emulator (for Windows, Android and others via SDL) written in C + + by Henrik Rydgard (well known under the pseudonym Ector, already author of the PSP emulator Potemkin and best known for Dolphin, having also worked on a number of Dreamcast emulators).


– Fix crash bug and performance issue in Vulkan shader cache ([#18183], [#18189])
– Fix crash in icon loading in homebrew store ([#18185])
– Add some memory safety check ([#18184], [#18194])
– Fix problem when changing backend from the Windows menu ([#18182])

BigPEmu v1.0.91 has released!

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BigPEmu is the first Atari Jaguar and Jaguar CD emulator to offer compatibility with the entire library of commercially sold cartridges and offers excellent performance and a wide variety of unique features.

Note that it was originally a closed source emu which was integrated into the Atari50 compilation . It is without a shadow of a doubt the best Jaguar emulator ahead of Phoenix (which remains the best 3DO emulator), VirtualJaguar, Mame and all the rest.



– AvP multiplayer fixes.
– Fixed some player projectile weapons not colliding with other players.
– Fixed a bunch of AI projectiles not being correctly synchronized.
– Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause AI to stop attacking.
– If a human player teleports into a new level without a weapon, the shotgun is now automatically granted.
– Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause...

RetroArch 1.16.0 has released!

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RetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media players.

It enables you to run classic games on a wide range of computers and consoles through its slick graphical interface. Settings are also unified so configuration is done once and for all.

In addition to this, you are able to run original game discs (CDs) from RetroArch.

A long changelog here:


Denise v2.1 is released!

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Denise is an accurate c64/Amiga emulator whose project is influenced by the higan emulator design.



add drag’n’drop overlay:
– files can be inserted into additional drives faster
– files can either only be inserted or inserted and restarted
– multi file support
– fix: Wasapi didn’t work on some audio hardware
– thanks to all translators: Ben, Ulgon, Ferenc, Muzza

– greatly improved accuracy, thanks to amilo3438, vAmigaTS, CPU Tester, AW182
– ~15% speed up
– fix: Drive LED sometimes does not turn off
– display tracks more clearly
– add IPF, DMS, EXE and encrypted kick rom support
– add RTC
– add multi file support for any-loader (fill DF0-3 in one go)
– show power LED in status line
. colors for power and drive LEDs depend on the model
. click on power LED to select audio filter

– fix: multi SID UI not updated correctly from config
– fix: sometimes crashes when changing speeder
– add...

PPSSPP v1.16.2 is released!

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PPSSPP is a free Sony PSP emulator (for Windows, Android and others via SDL) written in C + + by Henrik Rydgard (well known under the pseudonym Ector, already author of the PSP emulator Potemkin and best known for Dolphin, having also worked on a number of Dreamcast emulators).


– Fix for HTTP support on Linux on networks with shaky or incomplete IPv6 support
– Assorted fixes for leaks and crashes ([#18169], [#18151])
– Fix hang when switching UMD with RetroAchievements enabled ([#18143])
– Fix math bug in new IR JIT for x86 ([#18165])
– Minor math optimization -fno-math-errno ([#18158])
– Fix for software renderer crash