Attract-Mode v2.6.2 released!

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Attract-Mode v2.6.2 is released. Attract-Mode is a graphical front-end for command line emulators such as MAME, MESS and Nestopia. It hides the underlying operating system and is intended to be controlled with a joystick, gamepad or spin dial, making it ideal for use in arcade cabinet setups. Attract-Mode is open source and runs on Linux, Mac OS-X and Windows.


- Raspberry pi support. Thanks to nitrogen_widget for digging into this and helping to get it up and running!
- Multiple monitor support (Windows and Linux)
- Artwork scraper added to automatically download missing snapshots, marquees, wheel logos, flyers, boxart and even fanart images.
- Improved support for different image formats.
- Spanish translation (thanks Seru!)
- Added fade effect module for layouts (see reflect layout and the fanart background option in cools' layout)

Attract-Mode Changelog:
Andrew Mickelson (20 commits)
Update to version 2.6.2
[linux] fixed window mode strech, fixed...

AetherSX2 Alpha 1276 Android released!

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AetherSX2 is an emulator of the PS2 console for the Android platform. You can play games which you have dumped from disc on your portable device.


You can find it at Google Play or here:

PCSX2 macOS 1.7 Dev 2022-02-10 released!

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PCSX2 is a free and open-source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator. Its purpose is to emulate the PS2's hardware, using a combination of MIPS CPU Interpreters, Recompilers and a Virtual Machine which manages hardware states and PS2 system memory. This allows you to play PS2 games on your macOS, with many additional features and benefits.

Note: The 32-bit build is for ancient computers and does not include Vulkan or Metal renderers, but does work on Macs as old as macOS 10.9. Use it only if you can't run the 64-bit build. Since this fix only changes the Metal renderer, I've attached the 02-07 build for 32-bit.

This release is a hotfix for 2022-02-07, with the following changes to the Metal renderer:

  • Fix crash on texture download for all GPUs
  • Fix issue...

Cemu Hook v0.5.7.6 released

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Cemu Hook v0.5.7.6 is released. A nearly-complete h264 module for Cemu. An implementation similar to what an official one would be. Think of it like a pcsx2 plugin, implementing something not in the core

How to use:

Extract contents of zip into Cemu folder

Cemu Hook changelog: - Fixed compatibility with Cemu 1.26.2

Cemu v1.26.2d released!

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Cemu v1.26.2d is released. Cemu is a Nintendo Wii U emulator that runs commercial games. Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC.

Cemu Changelog:
Software decoder for H264 videos
Vulkan optimizations
Fixed graphic pack file replacement
Fixed download manager "Invalid TMD" error
Fixed motion for SDL controller API

Kronos v2.3.1 released!

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Kronos v2.3.1 is released. Kronos is a unofficial port of Yabause SEGA Saturn Emulator.

Kronos v2.3.1 Changelog:
Features : Added a VDP1 FPS counter (FCare).
Features : Debug tools are back (FCare).
Features : Improvements of some debug tools (razor85).
Saturn Emulation : Fixed mesh problem (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Fixed some problems with normal sprites and distorted sprites (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Advanced World War - Sennen Teikoku no Koubou - Last of the Millennium (Japan) : Correction du probl鋗e de transparence (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Air Management '96 (Japan)) : Fixed a transparency problem on the menu (FCare)
Saturn Emulation : Akumajou Dracula X - Gekka no Yasoukyoku (Japan) : Fixed normal sprite on the press start screen (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Airs Adventure (Japan) : Fixed a window offset on the selection screen on the menu (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Airs Adventure (Japan) : Fixed window transparency on the menu (FCare).
Saturn Emulation ...

puNES v0.109 released

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puNES v0.109 is released. puNES is a NES emulator. Currently the program supports mappers 0, MMC1, UNROM, CNROM, and the sound is available. It uses the SDL libraries and it works on both Linux and Windows.

puNES v0.109 Changelog
Fixed 'make install'.
Added support for mapper 210 and improved support for Nes 2.0 format.
Disabled creation of mimeinfo.cache with 'make install' (#191).
With some DE if I don't reset the min and max size of the window with reset_min_max_size()
the fullscreen is wrecked (#186).
Improved high dpi support.
Rewrote part of the overlay.
Uniform font used in the overlay.
Uniform graphics management between OpenGL and D3D9.
Fixed the shaders "NTSC 2Phase Composite" and "Old TV" in D3D9 version (#188).
Sometimes the mouse cursor may not be visible. Fixed.
Entering or leaving the fullscreen could cause the window to lose focus. Fixed.

  • ...

Cemu v1.26.2 released!

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Cemu v1.26.2 is released. Cemu is a Nintendo Wii U emulator that runs commercial games. Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC.

Cemu Changelog:

Software decoder for H264 videos
Vulkan optimizations
Fixed graphic pack file replacement
Fixed download manager "Invalid TMD" error
Fixed motion for SDL controller API

2022-02-11 Recent Releases

PCSX-Redux dev.6960-20220209

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PCSX-Redux is yet another fork of the PCSX Emulator. Project goals are following: bring the code to more up to date standards, create a monolithic codebase instead plugin system, readability and portability, improved rendering and debugging experience.


Latest changes:
Set AVCodec types as constant in;
Updating miniaudio dependency;
Safe mode also uses Null Miniaudio driver;
Fixing IWYU breakage;
Allow building on its own more easily;
[Memcard Manager] Address comments;
[DynaRec Disassembler] Changed disassemblerBuffer();

:: Github
:: Related news post at

2022-02-04 Recent Releases

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MAME 0.240 was released

* Official -
* ARCADE64 -
* WolfMame -
* MAME for Raspberry Pi -
* GroovyMAME 0.240 - Switchres 2.002g -
* SDLMAME 0.240 for Ubuntu -


* Raine 0.93.0 [Arcade] -

* WINUAE 4.9.1 [Commodore Amiga] -

* Emulicious (2022-01-31) [Multi-system] -

* Gopher 0.16.0 [Atari 2600] -

* FCEUX...

RPCS3 dev.0.0.20-13251

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RPCS3 is a multi-platform open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger for Windows, Linux and BSD. The purpose of the project is to completely and accurately emulate PlayStation 3 in its entirety with the power of open-source community and reverse engineering.


Latest changes:
Qt: fix compat download abort;
input: add enumeration threads for each hid_pad_handler;
input: add missing nullptr checks for pad;
Audio: prevent click at play/pause;
XAudio: fix deinitialization order;
SoundTouch resampler integration;
Fix linkage error on debug build with clang;
SPU LLVM: Add relaxed xfloat option;
rsx: Validate requested images before attempting to upload them;
vk: Fix 'grow' behavior when we reach the size limit;
vk: Fix working buffer calculation for emulated D16F operations;

:: Github
:: Homepage

Aethersx2 (alpha-1106) for Android released!

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AetherSX2 is an emulator of the PS2 console for the Android platform. You can play games which you have dumped from disc on your portable device. Download it from Google Play or here. Test it and it works great on my Android. Klonoa 2 works excellent and faster!




2022-01-28 Recent Releases

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* Kegs 1.16 (AppleIIgs] -

* HBMAME 0.240 [Arcade] -

* Vice 3.6.1 [Commodore 64] -

* Pantheon 11.180 [Multi-system] -

* WinArcadia 28.33 [s2650-based] -

Atari800MacX v6.0.1 released!

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Atari800MacX v6.0.1 is released. Atari800MacX is the Mac OS X port of Atari800, an Atari 800/800XL/130XL and 5200 Emulator.

Atari800MacX v6.0.1 Changelog:

Fixed issues in full screen with fixed aspect ratios and garbage being displayed on the screen.

Download: Application

GeePee32 v0.44 released!

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GeePee32 v0.44 is released. Windows application to emulate the GamePark GP32 system.

image01.png image02.png

GeePee32 v0.44 Changelog:

* fixed : emulation hangs after X time. (reported by mr^burns)
* fixed : configuration of "A" key was saved as "key_a" instead of "key-a". (reported by slubman)


Modest GB v1.0.1 released!

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Modest GB v1.0.1 is released. Modest GB is a Game Boy Emulator (DMG only) written in C++.

Modest GB v1.0.1 Changelog

Fixed audio sync issues.

RustyNES v0.2.0 released!

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RustyNES v0.2.0 is released. An NES emulator written in Rust!

RustyNES v0.2.0 Changelog

RustyNES's second release for all three operating systems. Mappers 0-4 are supported. A list of all NES games and their associated mappers can be found here:
This release introduces a toolbar to RustyNES, allowing you to load games and save states with a file explorer. I also changed the rendering engine from SDL2 to Pixels. Unlike SDL2, Pixels integrates with a few different window frameworks (RustyNES uses egui).
The addition of a toolbar opens new opportunities for configuring RustyNES. Maybe I'll add gamepad support one day...

macOS PCSX2 1.7 Dev 2022-01-25 released!

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PCSX2 - The Playstation 2 Emulator for macOS.

  • Fixes broken alpha test in the Metal renderer
  • Fixes broken colclip in the Metal renderer
  • Fixes broken AEM in the Metal renderer
  • Improves Metal renderer performance on AMD GPUs


DuckStation dev.0.1-4790

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DuckStation is an simulator/emulator of the Sony PlayStation(TM) console, focusing on playability, speed, and long-term maintainability. The goal is to be as accurate as possible while maintaining performance suitable for low-end devices.


Latest changes:
+ Update to rcheevos v10.2.0
+ CPU: Prevent mismatched va_start/va_end in log
+ CPU/CodeCache: Fix currently-invalidated blocks breaking memory states
+ GameSettings: Disable GPU runahead for Red Asphalt PAL
+ CDImageMDS: Possible fix for multi-track images
+ Improve macOS and Linux build instructions

:: Github
:: Latest development builds
:: Related news post at
:: Older builds for Linux and...