Sudachi v7715077 released!

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Sudachi is a Nintendo Switch emulator for Android, Linux, macOS and Windows written in C- and based on Yuzu.


Changes since Yuzu are as follows:

– Rebranded to Sudachi (RIP Yoozoo) and updated some more dependencies
– Hotfix memory leaks etc
– Cleaned project up a bit, 30th commit yet for this?
– Forgot to stage these, 31 it is
– Added support for Princess Peach: Showtime!
– android: updated to latest dependencies again and fixed more deprecations
– Update issue templates
– Updated to latest EA (thanks Discord peeps), fixed compilation issues
– Removed workflow files and hook
– Fixed a couple memory leaks using up ~15 MB each iteration and initiazed
– Updated FFmpeg per dev comment, reupdated-dependencies and initialize

JoyShockMapper v3.5.3 has released!

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JoyShockMapper converts the gameplay inputs into keyboard, mouse and virtual joystick events so you can play PC games with these joysticks. Use gyroscopic controls and the flick stick to play games with unparalleled accuracy on their respective consoles.


The Sony PlayStation DualSense, DualShock 4, Nintendo Switch JoyCons (used in pairs) and Nintendo Switch Pro have many points in common. They have many of the features expected from modern game controllers. They also have an incredibly versatile and underutilized entry that their biggest rival (Microsoft's Xbox One controller) does not have: a 3-axis gyroscope (hereinafter referred to as “gyroscope”).

The goal with JoyShockMapper is to allow you to play PC games with DS, DS4, JoyCons and NS Pro even better than on their respective consoles, and to demonstrate that more games should use these features in this way.

PCXSense v0.6 beta has released!

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This project aims to make the use of your Dualsense controller as easy and worry-free as possible with the ability to customise everything related to your own experience.

This project improves your experience on emulators through the use of adaptive triggers.


Some bulk functions:

– Easy-to-use graphical interface
– Management of vibrations
– Bluetooth and USB mode
– Gamecube/Wi triggers (Chrusers with Dolphin emulator)
– WiiU/Nintendo Switch triggers (Celms with Cemu and Yuzu emulators)
– Update Checker (It does not download the update but warns the user when a new update is published)
– Macros

Switch L4T Ubuntu 5.0.0 released!

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Linux for Nintendo Switch

hekate 6.0.1 or newer is mandatory to boot

Kernel/Driver changes

  • 409MB RAM was freed from carveouts and was given to CMA so everything can easily use it with mmap
    [*]Joycon/Procon driver
    Added support for Sio (Switch Lite gamepad)
    Improved HD Rumble and fix it once and for all
    Improved and reorder init sequence
    Improved high speed uart stability
    Fixed hangs when using hd rumble
    Changed Procon D-Pad from HAT to actual D-Pad
    Fixed HORI analog stick limits
    [*]WiFi & Bluetooth
    Fully unlocked almost all WiFi channels,1-13 for 2.4GHz and 34-165 for 5GHz. 14/144 disabled).
    Many 5Ghz channels will only be used if there's an existing AP (radar detection), for regulation reasons.
    Fixed Bluetooth SCO mode (HSP/HFP). It now properly transmits audio instead of static
    Significantly improved signal on both WiFi 2.4GHz and Bluetooth since default is now USB2
    (USB3 can be enabled back via ini config)...