Switch L4T Ubuntu 5.0.0 released!

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Linux for Nintendo Switch

hekate 6.0.1 or newer is mandatory to boot

Kernel/Driver changes

  • 409MB RAM was freed from carveouts and was given to CMA so everything can easily use it with mmap
    [*]Joycon/Procon driver
    Added support for Sio (Switch Lite gamepad)
    Improved HD Rumble and fix it once and for all
    Improved and reorder init sequence
    Improved high speed uart stability
    Fixed hangs when using hd rumble
    Changed Procon D-Pad from HAT to actual D-Pad
    Fixed HORI analog stick limits
    [*]WiFi & Bluetooth
    Fully unlocked almost all WiFi channels,1-13 for 2.4GHz and 34-165 for 5GHz. 14/144 disabled).
    Many 5Ghz channels will only be used if there's an existing AP (radar detection), for regulation reasons.
    Fixed Bluetooth SCO mode (HSP/HFP). It now properly transmits audio instead of static
    Significantly improved signal on both WiFi 2.4GHz and Bluetooth since default is now USB2
    (USB3 can be enabled back via ini config)...