Legacy: a completion of a 26 year journey

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Project 64 started close to 3 decades ago and has seen many changes and revisions over the years, friends have come and gone but we have all grown up together.
Of those revisions, it was decided to continue programming using the original 1.6 source, leading to Project64_Legacy.
Legacy means to not only allow games to run smoothly as we have seen in Project64 1.6.1 but to do so without hacks and various tricks that compromise stability.
Achievements include:
*Vulnerability found within Project64 1.6 through 1.7.2 is patched.
*Jabo Texture loading/creation corrected with exclusive Jabo Direct3D8_1.7.0.47a
*Dialogs in full-screen.
*Default Plugins with per-game settings (Video, Audio, RSP).
*Ique with full cheat support for known games.
*Online RDX support is accessed through rom browser...

Advance SNES ROM Utility 0.9.7

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This is an easy to use utility for performing some tasks on SNES / SFC ROMs!

Following functions are included:

Add header: adds an empty header
Remove header: removes an existing header
Edit ROM information like title, country/region and version
Fix checksum: fixes a broken checksum. You always should do this before saving, if possible. Please note that some beta or demo ROMs have an odd checksum anyway …
Fix ROM size: fixes wrong internal ROM size information (useful for some ROM hacks)
Expand ROM: expands ROM to a specific size up to 64 Mbit (BS-X up to 32 Mbit). Mirror option should only be used, when there are problems with standard expanding. Always check if your ROM still works after doing this!
Split ROM: splits ROM into multiple parts
SwapBin: swaps binaries to get a “Close-to-SNES-Mask-ROM”-layout (27C801)
Deinterleave: some copy stations like “Game Doctor SF” or “Super UFO” use interleaving when dumping HiROM games. This will reverse...

Jabo Texture Pack Creation and Use

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Brand new Guide for the Creation & Use of Jabo 1.7 Format Textures using Project64 3.x

We are also proud to host the Unofficial Release version of Jabo_Direct3D8_1.7.0.57 ver 6 to be compliant without issue
for continued use on Project64 3.x and up.


Project64 Direct3D Viedo Plugin and Jabo Config Support Ini (Unofficial Release)
Jabo's Direct3D8, to be used with PJ64 2.x-4.x

Released by PJ64LegacyTeam By kind permission of Jabo

  • Improved compatibility with PJ64 2.x-4.x
  • Changed the section name the plugin is looking for "Basic Mode=0" from [default] to [Settings]. Fixes displaying the Advanced settings tab.
  • The ROM settings "Resolution Width", "Resolution Height", "ClearvFrame", "Aspect Correction" were requesting the emulator to save to Project64.rdb before. Redirected them to save to Project64.cfg like all the rest.
  • Disabled "d3d syslog.txt" which affected gameplay performance and could...

2024-07-19 Recent Releases

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* Qemu 7.2.13, 8.2.6, 9.0.2 [PC] -

* MEmu 9.1.6 [Android] -

* Flycast Dojo 6.46 [Arcade] -

* Raine 0.96.12a [Arcade] -

* Pyboy 2.2.2 [Gameboy] -

* WinArcadia 32.9 [s2650-based] -

* XEMU 0.7.129 [XBOX] -

* Rebuilder 0.09 / Scanner 0.02.1 [Rom Manager] -

PCSX2 v2.0.3 released!

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PCSX2 is a free and open-source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator. Its purpose is to emulate the PS2's hardware, using a combination of MIPS CPU Interpreters, Recompilers and a Virtual Machine which manages hardware states and PS2 system memory. This allows you to play PS2 games on your PC, with many additional features and benefits.



Pcsx2 2.0.0 Released

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After 4 years and bit more than 2 months a new stable version was finally released, for now nothing is written on github but i believe a blog post will be made in the site below:

Grab it here or above as you wish:

2024-07-12 Recent Releases

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* SDLMAME 0.267 for Ubuntu -

* Flycast Dojo 6.45 [Arcade] -

* SDLMAME 0.267 for RPi -

* WinArcadia 32.81 [s2650-based] -

* ExtraMAME 24.7 [Front-end] -

* JRomManager 3.0.4 [Rom Manager] -

Snes9x v1.63 released!

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The recapture of the emulator by a new team: Nach, Anomie, Anomie, DeHackEd, Byuu, BearOso, OV2 and Nitsuja largely responsible for the Windows port.


The changes:

– Added a shortcut to change the color background for sprite extraction.
– Fixed QuickSave 0-9 slot shortcuts not working.
– Allow “Address:byte” form for cheat inputs.
– Fixed zip files not being closed after patch search.
– Various mmmap fixed to allow unofficial mappings.
– Added use of ImGui to draw things on top of the screen instead of inside.

– Fixed AVI not audio recording.
– Fixed framerate throttling in turbo mode (now works during AVI recording).
– Fixed interlaced output speed being double.
– Fixed command line arguments not working.
– Fixed WaveOut device name display for names longer than 31 characters.
– Fixed Bank/- hotkey saving.
– Added hotkeys for aspect ratio, cheat edit/search.
– Added multiselect...

Snex9x 1.63

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Mainly a bug-fix release.


Snes9x 1.63
- Added a shortcut to change the backdrop color for sprite extraction.
- Fixed QuickSave 0-9 slot shortcuts not working.
- Allow "Address:byte" form for cheat inputs.
- Fixed ZIP files not being closed after patch search.
- Various memmap fixes to allow unofficial mappings.
- Added usage of ImGui to draw things on top of the screen instead of inside.

- Fixed AVI not recording audio.
- Fixed framerate throttling in turbo mode (now works during AVI recording).
- Fixed interlaced output speed being double.
- Fixed command line arguments not working.
- Fixed WaveOut device name display for names longer than 31 characters.
- Fixed Bank+/- hotkey saving.
- Added hotkeys for aspect ratio, cheat edit/search.
- Added multiselect for cheat edit dialog.

- Fixed config file location to never put files directly in $HOME and obey
- Updated translations from JakeSmarter and StanleyKid-22.

- Added a...

Felix v0.6.3 released!

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Felix (contraction of "Flis lynx") is an Atari Lynx emulator whose ambition is to become a new generation and precise Lynx emulator.


This is a version under development.

The changes:
– icon file as a shorts of retroemu
– a command to dump emulated Lynx memory to a file
– a command to save currently frame to a PNG file
– removing buggy watch editor and breakpoint editor
– fixing a script typo (traceOf – traceOff)
– making trace log set in lua script relative to the script file, not an emulator executable

Sega Model 3 UI v1.1.1.0 released!

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Created by Nuexz, it is a frontend for Super Model Emulator allowing several customizations (similar to Sega Model 2 UI).

– List of all games supported
– Overview of each game (snaps).
– Button of the repertoires of Roma.
– Load button (Load Rom)
– All video options
– All sound options
– All control options
– The link options with the system will only work with the only version created by Spindizzi.

Priorities for future releases:
– Add a new window for controls and remapping from there
– Add an individual configuration for each game


The changes are:

– I added Rawinput to Input type in the Control tab. I don’t know if this option works properly.

Rosalie’s Mupen GUI v0.6.5 released!

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Rosalie's Mupen GUI is a free and open-source mupen64plus front-end written in C++.

It offers a simple-to-use user interface.



– Fix not showing an error when per-game plugin settings are invalid
– Fix settings dialog behavior for plugins not being the same for per-game plugin settings
– Add “restore defaults” button to configuration GUI of paraLLEl angry andlion-rdp-plus
– Add “OpenGL type” option to the settings dialog which allows opting OpenGL ES
– Add dynamic OpenGL ES detection to angrylion-rdp-plus (see ata4/angrylion-rdp-plus-57)
– Improvescreen selection by making it editable in the configuration GUI of paraLLEl and anic-lion-rdp-plus
– Improve letter casing in settings dialog, RMG-Input and RMG-Audio
– Improve about dialog
– Change 'Miscellaneous' tab name to 'General' and change position in settings dialog
– Update GLideN64 and SDL-GameControllerDB


2024-07-05 Recent Releases

Erockus v12.1 released!

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Erockus ARCADE is a front-end for SDLMAME and simplifies its use.


PyBoy v2.2.1 released!

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It is a Game Boy emulator written in Python.


The changes are as follows:

– First PyBoy version built with NumPy 2
– Remove OpenGL Accelerate as it has issues with NumPy 2
– Small internal improvements

dgb-n64 (2024/06/16) released! (A brand new N64 emulator)

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It is an experimental N64 emulator of low level written in C and C-.


Still in intensive development. Compatibility is not high and performance is not (yet) excellent.

The objectives of this project are to create a low-level emulator with good compatibility, while learning a lot as they go along.

GoNES v0.0.2 released!

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An NES emulator written in Go.




  • 0f43ed0 feat(gonesutil): Add path output

  • 184137b fix(console): Fix initial state resume being added to the undo stack
  • 695f9cc fix(apu): Fix audio after Ebiten update
  • c724005 perf: Enable ebiten single thread mode
  • 20a2c86 perf(palette): Optimize emphasis palette generation...

ShadPS4 v0.1.0 released!

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It is a preliminary PS4 emulator for Windows and Linux written in C- created by Shadow (or it takes its name), author and contributor to prestigious projects such as PCSX, PCS2, PCSP, JPCSP, Arcadeflex, RPCS3...


– Added a shader recompiler, With this we have a lot of games that starts to work
– Rewrote a big part of core
– Full changelog here

Dolphin 2407

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On the 24th of June, 2016, Dolphin 5.0 was released. The product of a long and hard transition period, the fundamental inaccuracies that plagued Dolphin for over a decade had successfully been undone, and Dolphin was now free of its burdens to swim forward into a new era of accuracy and performance.

Citra-Enhanced 1.3.0 released!

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This fork is just Citra with tweaks/additions which should result in better performance than the original Citra

Feel free to download this build and test it, if you run into any bugs please open an issue on GitHub or contact me on the Discord / Telegram


  • Android & PC: Fix a syntax error that maybe caused crashes on OpenGL
  • Android: Update About links to Citra Enhanced ones
  • PC: Add scroll bar to System tab (rtiangha)
  • Run screenshot capture function in paused state by capturing next frame (RocketRobz)
  • network: Change verify_backend result if null, fixes minor network issues
  • glsl_fs_shader_gen: Use a better way to discard gas mode, may help a bit for low end devices
  • OpenGL: Re-implement weihuoya stream buffer hack and rollback some stream buffer stuff
  • Android: Implement Adreno GPU Boost (Experimental)
  • Android: properly fix non runtime runnable settings (Ishan09811)
  • Android: Remove...