VisualBoyAdvance-M v2.1.9 has released!

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A GameBoy B&W and Color, Super GameBoy and GameBoy Advance emulator created by Mudlord (with the help of Nach, Squall Leonhart, Spacy, DJRobX, Jonas Quinn) and based on VBA by Forgotten and the VBA development team. The goal is to bring together as many improvements as possible from other VBA builds. A macOS build is also available.



– Remove SDL sound driver [rkitover)
– Fix wav audio recording [40356555-Aikku93-Aikku93-Aikku93-Aikku93-Aikku93-
– Dialog appearance improvements and link warning
– build: don’t fseeko64()/ftello64() on musl libc [rkitover)
– visualboyadance-m.metainfo.xml: add screenshots to the metainfo [zachbacon)

Bgb v1.6 has released!

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It is the best Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. Extremely accurate and faithful, it doesn't launch PDs that don't work on a real Game Boy by default (you can still activate a hack).
All games work perfectly except for a handle using an additional special chip in the cartridge.




– Added rewind key (default: Tab) and reverse tracing
– Added support for loading and saving PNG images (windows XP and later)
– GB Camera emulation (using webcam, image file, or test pattern)
– Added support for x2, x3, x4 scale border images. Ability to apply doubler to x1 and SGB borders
– Improved GBC color options, including « GBC reality » and custom 3d LUT support (GBI compatible PNG format)
– Realistic simulation of DMG and GBC LCD with new doublers (up to x4 scale) and frame blending options. new « DMG reality » colorscheme.
– Separate...

PyBoy v1.6.12 has released!

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It is a Game Boy emulator written in Python.


1705533073060.gif 1705533081718.gif

The changes are as follows:

– Fix pip install for PyPy

SameBoy v0.16.2 has released!

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An ultra-accurate emulator of Gameboy N'B/Color for Windows and MacOs also offers a debugger.



Version 0.16.2

This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.14.3 and newer, as well as save states from any BESS compliant emulator

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • Improvements to the “Accurate” frame blending option; SameBoy now correctly tracks the “parity” of each frame, and uses a more realistic blending ratio
  • Support for bootleg ROMs that claim to have no RAM in the MBC field, but also declare a non-zero RAM size
Bug Fixes

  • Removed XAudio 2.7 support and replaced it with the redistributable version of XAudio 2.9, fixing various crashes on Windows 7
  • Fixed an issue with the menu graphics being glitched in the SDL frontend if SameBoy is set to display a border
  • Fixed the update dialog in the Cocoa frontend displaying the changelog in the wrong font...

SameBoy v0.16 is released!

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An ultra-precise Gameboy B&W/Color emulator for Windows and MacOs also offering a debugger.


A new, fully-featured iOS frontend:
Supports every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch model running iOS 11 or newer (iOS 13 or newer is recommended)
Can be installed by side-loading (using AltStore or TrollStore) or using a jailbreak
Innovative and customizable touch controls, including support for analog rewind, fast-forward and slow motion
Save states
Scaling filters
In-game rumble support
Game Boy Camera support
Motion controls for supported games
Notifications for alarm-clock-enabled games
Advanced emulation settings
A lot more!
Reopening a ROM from Finder or other means now reloads the ROM in the Cocoa frontend
The SDL frontend received a small facelift
Cheats support in the SDL frontend
The SDL frontend can now pick a specific revision from CLI
A new reset...

PyBoy v1.6.4 has released!

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It is a Game Boy emulator written in Python.



Improve performance

PYBOY v1.6.0 has released!

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In short, it’s a Game Boy emulator written from scratch in pure Python, with additional support for scripting through an API. We’ve added type definitions, which allows us to compile the software using Cython to get performance comparable to emulators written in C and C++.



  • Add rudimentary Pokemon Gen 1 gamewrapper
  • Dramatically improve performance

visualboyadvance-m v2.1.7 is released!

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Game Boy and Game Boy Advance Emulator

This is a maintenance release mostly to fix OpenGL for Wayland users on distributions where wxGTK was built without EGL.
  • aca206a - Launch on xwayland under Wayland if no EGL [rkitover]
  • 93a24be - Disable mirroring for ROMs > 32MB [rkitover]
  • 0f4ec57 - [Build] Fix the NO_LINK build [steelskin]
  • 803ab35 - [GB] Save MBC7 EEPROM data to gbRam [steelskin]...

GameRoy v0.3.1 is released!

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An emulator and debugger for the Nintendo Game Boy, written in Rust.

Debugging Kirby

Playing Zelda on Mobile

  • Implemented emulation for
    halt-bug, passing one more of
    blargg's tests.
  • Improved PPU performance.
  • Improved JIT compiler performance and correctness.
  • Added options to the bench subcommand for benchmarking only the interpreted
    or the JIT compiled version of the emulator, and for enabling/disabling
  • Allowed emitting a perf-$ file when running the JIT compiler to
    enable profiling with JIT compiled code using...

SkyEmu v3 is released!

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SkyEmu is a low level GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS emulator. Its primary focus is to provide a good user experience through a good mixture of tradeoffs of accuracy, performance, features and usability.


  • Highly accurate Game Boy Advance emulation
  • Game Boy and Game Boy Color Emulation
  • Nintendo DS Emulation (Beta Quality)
  • High Quality Upscaling Shaders, Color Correction, and Screen Ghosting
  • Cross Platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, Android, and Web
  • Game Controller and Rumble Support with configureable keybinds
  • 4x Persistent Save State Slots with screenshot preview
  • Game fastforward and rewind support (supporting very long rewind times)
  • Action Replay Cheat Code Engine
  • Localization in Armenian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Italian, and Russian...

jGB v0.10.7 is released!

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jgb is a low-level, cross-platform Game Boy [Color] emulator with no game-specific logic or hacks. It's not entirely cycle-accurate because the CPU emulation is instruction-based rather than cycle-based, but it should be able to run the vast majority of licensed Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.


Enable "fat" link-time optimizations in the release builds to dramatically reduce executable binary sizes:

PyBoy v1.5.6 is released!

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It is highly recommended to read the report to get a light introduction to Game Boy emulation. But do be aware, that the Python implementation has changed a lot. The report is relevant, eventhough you want to contribute to another emulator, or create your own.

jgb v0.10.5 is released.

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jgb is a cross-platform low-level Game Boy [Color] emulator with no game-specific logic or game-specific hacks. It is not completely cycle-accurate due to CPU emulation being instruction-based rather than cycle-based, but it should be able to run the vast majority of licensed Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.


Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulation
Support for cartridges using MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5, MBC7 mappers
Save file / cartridge RAM persistence to disk
Keyboard input and DirectInput gamepad support
Support for the MBC3 real-time clock with persistence to disk
Support for MBC5 rumble cartridges (requires a gamepad with rumble)
Support for the MBC7 accelerometer (requires a gamepad with an accelerometer)
2x fast-forward toggle
Save & load state
Three different color palette options for GB mode (black & white, light green tint, intense lime green)
Option for GBC color correction to more closely mimic how games looked on the Game Boy Color LCD
Option for...

PyBoy v1.5.5 is released.

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Game Boy emulator written in Python.

PyBoy Changelog:

Bump version to v1.5.5

GameRoy v0.2.0 is released!

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An emulator and debugger for the Nintendo Game Boy, written in Rust.

GameRoy Features:
Support for DMG (only).
High accuracy (see Test suite below)
Accurate clock frequency: don't sync over frames or sound, but the clock frequency itself.
Battery saves support.
Save and load states.
Time travel backwards in time (Rewind)
Graphical interface for listing roms in a folder.
Debugger with a graphical interface:
Views for disassembly, registers, video RAM, etc...
Statically trace rom for executable memory ranges (and at runtime).
Add breakpoints at read, write, jump or execution of memory addresses.
Watch addresses.
Step code backwards.
Building and Running

GameRoy v0.2.0 Changelog:
add gameroy bench subcommand.
add a table view for the rom loading UI.
make UI dpi aware.
add a WebAssembly port.
add a Android port.
add button to change the rom folder (but only update config on Android).
fix STOP instruction (e2fb38d)
also load dropped file...

PyBoy v1.5.4 is released!

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Game Boy emulator written in Python.

PyBoy Changelog:
Bump version to v1.5.4

SameBoy v0.15.8 released!

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SameBoy v0.15.8 is released. SameBoy is a user friendly Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for macOS. SameBoy is extremely accurate and includes a wide range of powerful debugging features, making it ideal for both casual players and developers. In addition to accuracy and developer capabilities, SameBoy has all the features one would expect from an emulator – from save states to scaling filters. An SDL version is also available to Windows and Unix-like systems.

SameBoy v0.15.8 Changelog:

New/Improved Features
The button mapped to B, on both the keyboard and controllers, can now be used to return from menus in the SDL frontend
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that caused the new Cocoa debugger interface display glitched buttons on newer versions of macOS

SkyEmu v2 released!

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SkyEmu is a low level GameBoy, GameBoy Color and Game Boy Advance emulator. Its primary focus is to provide a good user experience through a good mixture of tradeoffs of accuracy, performance, features and usability.


Look below

PyBoy v1.5.2 released!

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PyBoy v1.5.2 is released. Game Boy emulator written in Python.

PyBoy Changelog:

Removed license of unused SDL2 cython libs, and fixed some typos

BGB v1.5.10 released!

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BGB v1.5.10 is released. BGB is a gameboy emulator which runs on Windows.

emulation of the GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and Super Gameboy
accurate emulation of the hardware, based on research with lots of test roms, useful for debugging/rom development. some highlights:
clock exact timing of LCD behavior/state changes
realistic initial ram values - random but with specific bit patterns, and simulated values left by bootroms (for example "nibbler (pd)" depends on this)
accurate emulation of LCD register writes during scanline (prehistorik man, demotronic demo)
emulation of inaccessible VRAM and OAM as on real hardware
10 sprites per line limit
clock exact emulation of sprites causing mode 3 to take longer
correct memory access timing (access happening at the last/second to last clock of an opcode)
accurate emulation of the differences between DMG and GBC, including timing differences, differences in hardware behavior, initial state, etc.
can run a GBC rom as on a DMG, and a...