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Bgb v1.6 has released!

It is the best Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. Extremely accurate and faithful, it doesn't launch PDs that don't work on a real Game Boy by default (you can still activate a hack).
All games work perfectly except for a handle using an additional special chip in the cartridge.




– Added rewind key (default: Tab) and reverse tracing
– Added support for loading and saving PNG images (windows XP and later)
– GB Camera emulation (using webcam, image file, or test pattern)
– Added support for x2, x3, x4 scale border images. Ability to apply doubler to x1 and SGB borders
– Improved GBC color options, including « GBC reality » and custom 3d LUT support (GBI compatible PNG format)
– Realistic simulation of DMG and GBC LCD with new doublers (up to x4 scale) and frame blending options. new « DMG reality » colorscheme.
– Separate configurable border image and colors for SGB, and ability to show border image until a SGB border is set.
– changed default to the original, lighter, BGB 0.3 colorscheme. The darker « BGB LCD green » can still be chosen.
– new lock aspect ratio option, and ratio can be customized
– rapid A/B speed is now configurable, and default speed now works with more games
– mappable buttons can now be combinations with Ctrl, Alt, Shift. Ctrl+R is now an alternative – shortcut for reset in the debugger.
– renamed « access breakpoints » to « watchpoints » to follow standard naming used by other gameboy debuggers
– « copy code » in the debugger in a format that can be edited and pasted back in modify code.
– common register names such as rLCDC, rNR10 can now be input in the debugger.
– Ability for breakpoint or watchpoint to log a debug message instead of breaking
– Xaudio2 sound output can now be automatically chosen by default
– Default audio samplerate is now automatic based on OS mixer samplerate (typically 48000 or 44100)
– Changed save filename handling of gzipped roms. old save files are still loaded. Setting for old behavior.
– Ini settings so debugger, vram viewer, and IO map windows can be visible on startup
– Improved accuracy
– Fixed many bugs