ares v138 released

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ares is a multi-system emulator that began development on October 14th, 2004. It is a descendant of higan and bsnes, and focuses on accuracy and preservation.






Atari 2600

  • Improved 6502 CPU emulation; all unofficial opcodes are now implemented
  • Improve handling of the HMOVE register
  • Refactor of TIA; fixes many emulation issues but still imperfect
  • Implement correct 6502 reset timing

Bandai - WonderSwan / WonderSwan Color

  • Minor fixes to v30mz CPU emulation
  • Emulate...

Clownmdemu v0.7 released!

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It is an emulator of Sega Megadrive.


Online version available here.

The changes:

– Fixed missing audio in After Burner II.
– Fixed flipped graphics in Jim Power.
– The game’s name in now shown in the window title.
– Partially-implemented the V counter.
– Fixed OutRun and OutRun 2019.
– Vastly-improved Mega CD support.
– Sonic CD is now playable from beginning to end, from aside its special stages.
"New stub BIOS."
– PCM emulation added.
– CDDA emulation added.
– 6-button controller emulation added.
– Improved YM2612 emulation:
– Per-operator frequency emulation added.
– CSM emulation added.
– SG-EG emulation added.
– Fixed Sonic 3’s Competition Mode menu music.
– Fixed Contra: Hard Corps’ snare.
– Fixed latency when toggling rewinding while frame-advancing (para.
– Fixed build errors when not using MSVC (-8).
– Fixed compatibility with SDL...

Clownmdemu v0.6 has released!

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This is clownmdemu, a Sega Mega Drive (a.k.a. Sega Genesis) emulator.

It is currently in the very early stages of development: it can run some games, but many standard features of the Mega Drive are unemulated (see clownmdemu-frontend-common/clownmdemu/ for more information).


– Fixed many inaccuracies, benefiting numerous games:
. Contra: Hard Corps
. Castlevania Bloodlines
. Thunder Force IV
. Mega Man: The Wily Wars
. The Adventures of Batman & Robin
. Battletoads
. Road Rash, Road Rash II, Road Rash III
. Skitchin’
. The Immortal
. Jungle Strike
. Marble Madness
– Added two sprite debuggers.
– Configuration files are now saved to a standard per-user directory (‘AppData’ on Windows and ‘.local/share’ on Linux).
– Text output of the disassembler and the debug log can be selected and copied elsewhere.

pFBN, pSNES, pNES, and pGEN v6.7 is released!

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These are “portable” versions of arcade/nes/snes/megadrive emulators which, although intended primarily for consoles, are also available under Windows.

The main goals of these ports are:
– Provide a basic but friendly user interface
– Use a recent rendering interface for speed and effects support
– Code portability and cross-platform
– Easy core updates (no changes original sources)


The changes are:

– Common: Cleanup media loading code
– Common: Add unknown files even if they don't exist in the game list.xml
– Common: Change position of menu items
– Common: Fix game paths starting with ./
– Common: Fixed media paths with Recalbox Gamelist.xml format
– Common: Added ability to use a custom gamelist.xml file in ROMS folders, replacing the list built-in game list (ROMFS.xml
– Common: Add SHOW_AVAILABLE menu option to hide missing files/ROMs/systems from the game list (reboot required)
– UI: Better...

Helios32x v23.0322 is released!

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A Sega 32x emulator, written in Java. Most of the emulator infrastructure is borrowed from the helios project.


32x: rewrite reg handling
32x: pwm, support l/r channel mapping
32x: pwm, fix init value for the interrupt counter
32x: savestate handling, update lib
32x: sh2 should read rom via md mapper (if any)
32x: add framebuffer mirror to sh2 memory map
32x: add z80 delays when accessing sh2 side
32x: add debug mem view
32x: when mdVdp is set as H32, stretch to H40 to match s32x
32x: fix RLE, draw all pixels
32x: fix direct color mode in NTSC V28
32x: fbcr, int_mask write fixes, improve handling of illegal insts
32x: only check FM bit on reads when assertions are enabled
helios: migrate Size enum to use ints
sh2: fix sci protocol + fix for mars check sci
sh2: drc fix trapa, trapa is a branch instruction
sh2: fix sci for mars check, add test
sh2: run DmaC when polling is active
sh2: let illegal inst exception propagate
sh2: handle word-writes to CCR
sh2: warn on...