What's new

Helios32x v23.0322 is released!

A Sega 32x emulator, written in Java. Most of the emulator infrastructure is borrowed from the helios project.


32x: rewrite reg handling
32x: pwm, support l/r channel mapping
32x: pwm, fix init value for the interrupt counter
32x: savestate handling, update lib
32x: sh2 should read rom via md mapper (if any)
32x: add framebuffer mirror to sh2 memory map
32x: add z80 delays when accessing sh2 side
32x: add debug mem view
32x: when mdVdp is set as H32, stretch to H40 to match s32x
32x: fix RLE, draw all pixels
32x: fix direct color mode in NTSC V28
32x: fbcr, int_mask write fixes, improve handling of illegal insts
32x: only check FM bit on reads when assertions are enabled
helios: migrate Size enum to use ints
sh2: fix sci protocol + fix for mars check sci
sh2: drc fix trapa, trapa is a branch instruction
sh2: fix sci for mars check, add test
sh2: run DmaC when polling is active
sh2: let illegal inst exception propagate
sh2: handle word-writes to CCR
sh2: warn on overlapping interrupts
sh2: dma autoReq shouldn't stop a dma dreq in progress
sh2: fix bugs on polling, activation