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GB Enhanced-- v1.8 released!

Created by DS Baxter (aka)Shonumi Ikozumo) GBE an emulator of GameBoy/Color, GBA and NDS for Windows. The aim is to create an emulator.Ultra-portableusing C and SDL, document the functions of the Game Boy by a clear code, and add many improvements (graphic filters, codes, custom sprites, etc.).

– Reworked Pokemon Mini netplay to be much simpler. All players need to do isole each point instance of GBE to the correct player (e.g. Player 1, Player 2, etc.) using the F4 hotkey.
– Added support for the Glucoboy. GBE now allows players to manipulate various stats that unlock in-game Glucose Reward Points.
– Improved support for the Campho Advance. Menus work, contact data can be saved, and handles basic virtual calls. No own audio/video yet.
– Improved support for the Play-Yan and Play-Yan Micro. Audio/video output yet
– Added support for the Nintendo MP3 player. No audio/video output yet, but menus are accessible.