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Legacy: a completion of a 26 year journey

Project 64 started close to 3 decades ago and has seen many changes and revisions over the years, friends have come and gone but we have all grown up together.
Of those revisions, it was decided to continue programming using the original 1.6 source, leading to Project64_Legacy.
Legacy means to not only allow games to run smoothly as we have seen in Project64 1.6.1 but to do so without hacks and various tricks that compromise stability.
Achievements include:
*Vulnerability found within Project64 1.6 through 1.7.2 is patched.
*Jabo Texture loading/creation corrected with exclusive Jabo Direct3D8_1.7.0.47a
*Dialogs in full-screen.
*Default Plugins with per-game settings (Video, Audio, RSP).
*Ique with full cheat support for known games.
*Online RDX support is accessed through rom browser.
*Cheat support added for Xeno Crisis Stunt Racer and many, many, prototypes with amazing codes from the Gent himself.
*Render Mode drop-down: OpenGL/DirectX8 (Beta) (DX8 also assists lower spec systems)

Setting out to finish what was started in Project64 1.6 and surpassing with Legacy.

Please download Legacy exclusively from Github/Legacy.
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