Ares v137 released!

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Created by Near (ex byuu) and continued by Luke Usher (PolyBlast / CxBx-Reloaded) and others, Ares is a multi-system emulator whose development began on October 14, 2004. He is a descendant of higans and bsnes. It focuses on accuracy and preservation.


Ares emulates the following 33 machines:

– Atari 2600
– Famicom and Famicom Disk System
– Super Famicom and Super Game Boy
– Nintendo 64/64 DD
– Game Boy and Game Boy Color
– Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Player
– SG-1000 (Arkcade version) – SC-3000
– Master System and Game Gear
– Mega Drive and Mega 32X and Mega CD
– Nichibutsu – My Vision
– Playstation
– PC Engine and PC Engine CD - SuperGrafx
– MSX – MSX2
– ColecoVision
– Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color
– Neo Geo AES / MVS...

Lemonade r240330 released!

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Lemonade is an open source and experimental emulator that emulates the functionality of a Nintendo 3ds console on operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Android.


Lemonade was launched after the end of Citra, a previous Nintendo 3ds emulator. The Lemonade project was created to continue Citra's work, solve its problems and improve its performance and compatibility.


The changes since the stoppage of Citra are as follows:

General Improvements/New Features
– Implement touch controls opacity option
– Implement rotate screen option
– Fix random crashes when a game (issue from the base emulator)
– Fix some memory leaks
– Implement un-merged commits from base
– Implement Core Downcount Hack (reduces CPU use by 15%)
– Implement Y2R hack (fix FIFA games)
– Some bugfixes for Mali GPUs

Added new menu “Lemontweaks”:
– Implement FMV Hack

Lime3DS Emulator v0.0.2 alpha released!

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Lime3DS is a project which aims to revive Citra, the most popular open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator. It is written in C++ with portability in mind and builds are actively maintained for Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS.​


If you believe you can help with this project, please lend us your talent! We're a team of passionate enthusiasts who need all the help we can get.

Changes since Citra:

Thanks for all the support gathered throughout these last weeks and the contributions from devs, we've been able to complete our first alpha, even if it isn't much, we're happy that it is here in all of it's glory.

– GSP-GPU: Fix pokemon, mario and luigi games. by 'Gamer64ytb' in '25
– Update icons and strings by 'ShyVortex' in '1'
– Revert “Update icons and strings” by zryzendew in 2
– Fixed the licenses.txt location file in the readme by 'Reelix' in '3'
– Trying to fix linux builds by zryzendew in .

Sudachi v7715077 released!

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Sudachi is a Nintendo Switch emulator for Android, Linux, macOS and Windows written in C- and based on Yuzu.


Changes since Yuzu are as follows:

– Rebranded to Sudachi (RIP Yoozoo) and updated some more dependencies
– Hotfix memory leaks etc
– Cleaned project up a bit, 30th commit yet for this?
– Forgot to stage these, 31 it is
– Added support for Princess Peach: Showtime!
– android: updated to latest dependencies again and fixed more deprecations
– Update issue templates
– Updated to latest EA (thanks Discord peeps), fixed compilation issues
– Removed workflow files and hook
– Fixed a couple memory leaks using up ~15 MB each iteration and initiazed
– Updated FFmpeg per dev comment, reupdated-dependencies and initialize

PS4 Emulator psOff beta v0.4 released

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psOff - PlayStation 4 Emulation (Windows)​

In development. Does it run ...? No!

Runtime and rendering part is private currently. Target is to have a standalone framework for shader reconstruction, command buffer translation and managing the GPU memory, for others to use. This project uses it to run "Linux" binaries on windows.



Now it works on Nvidia gpus but still has graphical issues with tomb raider I–III remastered.

NVIDIA users still have graphic issues, especially with the now supported tomb raider remaster

Fixes are planned for the next release.

2024-03-29 Recent Releases

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* MAME 0.264 -

* MAMEUI64 0.264.0 - and

* ARCADE64 0.264.0 -

* Negamame 0.264-1 -

* SDLMAME for RPi 0.264 -

* Wolfmame 0.264 -

* Flycast Dojo 6.11 [Arcade] -

* Applewin [Apple2] -

* DCALICE (2024-03-24) [Matra-Hachette Alice] -

* XRoar 1.5.5 [Dragon64/Coco] -

* XEMU 0.7.120 [XBOX] -

* Simple64 v2024.03.2 [N64] -

* Joyce 2.5.3 [Amstrad] -...

2024-03-22 Recent Releases

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* Gopher64 0.1.4 [N64] -

* Altirra 4.21 [Atari 8-bit] -

* DCalice (2024-03-19) [Matra-Hachette Alice computer] -

* Pyboy 2.0.1 [Gameboy] -

* 86box 4.1.1 [PC] -

Jgenesis v0.7 has released!

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It is a multi-console and cross-platform emulator support a number of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming consoles.


Emulation of the following consoles:
– Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
– Sega CD / Mega CD
– Sega Master System / Mark III
– Game Gear
– Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom
– Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) / Super Famicom
– Game Boy/Game Boy Color

– GPU-based rendering engine with integer scaling and optional linear interpolation
– Configurable pixel aspect ratio for each console with several different options: fidelity to original hardware/television, square pixels and stretching to fill the window.
– Support for the extension of the FM sound unit of the Sega Master System
– Support for the Sega Genesis chip, used in Virtua Racing
– Support for the most common NES mappers, as well as a number of less common mappers
– Most SNES coprocessors (e.g. Super FX, SA-1, DSP-1, CX4, S-DD1, SPC7110)
– Support for 3- and...

PyBoy v2.0 is released!

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It is a Game Boy emulator written in Python.


The changes are as follows:

– A lot of fixed general
– Improved documentation with examples
– pyboy.tick(10, True) now takes two optional parameters:
n number of frames to progress
. renders when to render the screen on the last processed frame
– pyboy.screen-- image() moved to pyboy.screen.image
– The “botsupport” module has been removed, and most of API is moved to the PyBoy object
– pyboy.button can be used to send input, and will automatically release 1 frame
– pyboy.button-- press(-)--)-------------------------------------------------------
– pyboy.button-- release(--)---------------------------------------------------------
– pyboy.memory[0x100:0x150 plus 123 replacements all three pyboy.get/set/override-memory-value and extended it with an option to bank specify
– pyboy.hook-register(bank, address, callback, context registers) a callback at a specific point in your...

Flycast v2.3 released!

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Flycast is a cross-platform emulator of Sega Dreamcast, Naomi 1 & 2, Sega SystemSP and Atomiswave which is based on Reicast. Information here .

1710682992069.png 1710682998230.png

1710683004277.png 1710683012100.png

It supports games in the following formats:
– SEGA Dreamcast (CHD, CDI, GDI, CUE)
– SEGA Dreamcast using WinCE
– SEGA NAOMI / NAOMI 2 (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst)
– SEGA NAOMI / NAOMI 2 GD-ROM (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst and .chd)
– Decrypted NAOMI games (.bin, not recommended)
– Sammy Atomiswave (.zip, .7z)
– SEGA System SP (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst and .chd)

Major exchange since v2.2:

What's New
– Battle Cable support
– SystemSP hopper games: kingyo, manpuku...

2024-03-15 Recent Releases

2024-03-08 Recent Releases

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* Qemu 7.2.10 [PC] -

* SDLMAME 0.263 for Mac -

* DCALICE (2024-03-04) [Matra-Hachette Alice] -

* Gearboy 3.5.0 [Gameboy] -

* WinArcadia 30.9 [s2650-based] -

* 86box 4.1 [PC] -

* RPCS3 0.0.31 [PS3] -

* Rom Properties 2.3 [Rom Manager] -

2024-03-02 Recent Releases

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* ZXDS 2.2.2 [Sinclair] for Nintendo 3DS/2DS -

* ZXDS 1.4.1 for Nintendo DS/DSi/DS Lite -

* SDLMAME 0.263 for Ubuntu -

* MAME 0.263 for Rpi -

* MAMEUI64 0.263.0 - and

* ARCADE64 0.263.0 -

* NegaMAME 0.263-1 -

* Emulicious (2024-02-29) [Multi-system] -

* BGB 1.6.2 [Gameboy] -

* WolfMAME 0.263 -

* bsnes nightly (2024-03-01) [SNES] -

* Erockus 11.7 [Front-end] -

MAME(Arcade/MESS) v0.263 has released!

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MAME is a multi-purpose emulation framework.

MAME’s purpose is to preserve decades of software history. As electronic technology continues to rush forward, MAME prevents this important "vintage" software from being lost and forgotten. This is achieved by documenting the hardware and how it functions. The source code to MAME serves as this documentation. The fact that the software is usable serves primarily to validate the accuracy of the documentation (how else can you prove that you have recreated the hardware faithfully?). Over time, MAME (originally stood for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) absorbed the sister-project MESS (Multi Emulator Super System), so MAME now documents a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles and calculators, in addition to the arcade video games that were its initial focus.


Long changelog:


XRoar v1.5.4 released!

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XRoar is a Dragon32/64 emulator but also Tandy CoCo.


– Fixed 6309 register-memory bit ops [R. Allen Murphy]

DuckStation – LightGun Edition v1.2 released!

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This is an optimized version for Lightguns. You need to apply the Justify patch for certain parts of the game. The Lightgun should be used in joystick mode, using the guncon's relative aim.



– Add output support.
– Either though direct com for Gun4IR (prefered method, go to controller settings, your guncon Port, Settings and you should see Gun4Ir Com port option).
Or with mamehooker : Settings, General, Enable MameHooker checkbox (you need .NET 8 because i use a third party app to make it work)
– Also added some No Flash Gun cheat that were not build in duckstation.
– And guncon conversions patch if you need them.

SSF v0.12 PreviewVer R30 has released!

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Created by Shima, SSF is one of the best Saturn emulators. He was the first to emulate commercial games.



– Somes fixes

Clownmdemu v0.6 has released!

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This is clownmdemu, a Sega Mega Drive (a.k.a. Sega Genesis) emulator.

It is currently in the very early stages of development: it can run some games, but many standard features of the Mega Drive are unemulated (see clownmdemu-frontend-common/clownmdemu/ for more information).


– Fixed many inaccuracies, benefiting numerous games:
. Contra: Hard Corps
. Castlevania Bloodlines
. Thunder Force IV
. Mega Man: The Wily Wars
. The Adventures of Batman & Robin
. Battletoads
. Road Rash, Road Rash II, Road Rash III
. Skitchin’
. The Immortal
. Jungle Strike
. Marble Madness
– Added two sprite debuggers.
– Configuration files are now saved to a standard per-user directory (‘AppData’ on Windows and ‘.local/share’ on Linux).
– Text output of the disassembler and the debug log can be selected and copied elsewhere.

Tsugaru (2024/02/23) released!

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Created by CaptainYS, it is an emulator for Windows, MacOs and Linux of Fujitsu FM-Towns and its Marty console version. It is an emulator of the legendary Fujitsu FM TOWNS computer. The goal is to emulate the Model II MX which was the last computer on which the author (dixit) "pledged allegiance". The author also tries to find and document as much as possible the undocumented features of the FM TOWNS system while writing the emulator.



– The high-fidelity mode supports Windows 95.
– Memory-size greater than 32MB and FPU recommended.
– High-Resolution PCM support.

Ares v136 released!

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Created by Near (ex byuu) and continued by Luke Usher ( PolyBlast / CxBx-Reloaded ) and others, Ares is a multi-system emulator whose development began on October 14, 2004. He is a descendant of Higan and BSNES. It focuses on precision and preservation.


Ares emulates the following 33 machines:

– Atari 2600
– Famicom + Famicom Disk System
– Super Famicom + Super Game Boy
– Nintendo 64/64DD
– Game Boy + Game Boy Color
– Game Boy Advance + Game Boy Player
– SG-1000 (+ Arcade version) + SC-3000
– Master System + Game Gear
– Mega Drive + Mega 32X + Mega CD
– Nichibutsu – My Vision
– Playstation
– PC Engine + PC Engine CD + SuperGrafx
– MSX + MSX2
– ColecoVision
– Neo Geo Pocket + Neo Geo Pocket Color
- Neo Geo AES/MVS
– Sinclair Zx Spectrum
– WonderSwan + WonderSwan Color + SwanCrystal + Pocket Challenge V2

Here is the information since the last version of ares:

Nintendo – Game Boy Advance
– Implement prefetch...