Legacy: a completion of a 26 year journey

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Project 64 started close to 3 decades ago and has seen many changes and revisions over the years, friends have come and gone but we have all grown up together.
Of those revisions, it was decided to continue programming using the original 1.6 source, leading to Project64_Legacy.
Legacy means to not only allow games to run smoothly as we have seen in Project64 1.6.1 but to do so without hacks and various tricks that compromise stability.
Achievements include:
*Vulnerability found within Project64 1.6 through 1.7.2 is patched.
*Jabo Texture loading/creation corrected with exclusive Jabo Direct3D8_1.7.0.47a
*Dialogs in full-screen.
*Default Plugins with per-game settings (Video, Audio, RSP).
*Ique with full cheat support for known games.
*Online RDX support is accessed through rom browser...

Advance SNES ROM Utility 0.9.7

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This is an easy to use utility for performing some tasks on SNES / SFC ROMs!

Following functions are included:

Add header: adds an empty header
Remove header: removes an existing header
Edit ROM information like title, country/region and version
Fix checksum: fixes a broken checksum. You always should do this before saving, if possible. Please note that some beta or demo ROMs have an odd checksum anyway …
Fix ROM size: fixes wrong internal ROM size information (useful for some ROM hacks)
Expand ROM: expands ROM to a specific size up to 64 Mbit (BS-X up to 32 Mbit). Mirror option should only be used, when there are problems with standard expanding. Always check if your ROM still works after doing this!
Split ROM: splits ROM into multiple parts
SwapBin: swaps binaries to get a “Close-to-SNES-Mask-ROM”-layout (27C801)
Deinterleave: some copy stations like “Game Doctor SF” or “Super UFO” use interleaving when dumping HiROM games. This will reverse...

Jabo Texture Pack Creation and Use

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Brand new Guide for the Creation & Use of Jabo 1.7 Format Textures using Project64 3.x

We are also proud to host the Unofficial Release version of Jabo_Direct3D8_1.7.0.57 ver 6 to be compliant without issue
for continued use on Project64 3.x and up.


Project64 Direct3D Viedo Plugin and Jabo Config Support Ini (Unofficial Release)
Jabo's Direct3D8, to be used with PJ64 2.x-4.x

Released by PJ64LegacyTeam By kind permission of Jabo

  • Improved compatibility with PJ64 2.x-4.x
  • Changed the section name the plugin is looking for "Basic Mode=0" from [default] to [Settings]. Fixes displaying the Advanced settings tab.
  • The ROM settings "Resolution Width", "Resolution Height", "ClearvFrame", "Aspect Correction" were requesting the emulator to save to Project64.rdb before. Redirected them to save to Project64.cfg like all the rest.
  • Disabled "d3d syslog.txt" which affected gameplay performance and could...

2024-06-14 Recent Releases

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* Qemu 7.2.12, 8.2.5, 9.0.1 [PC] -

* SDLMAME 0.266 for Ubuntu -

* Flycast Dojo 6.28 [Arcade] -

* Gopher2600 0.32.0 [Atari 2600] -

* Hoxs64 [Commodore 64] -

* Pyboy 2.2.0 [Gameboy] -

* Sameboy 0.16.6 [Gameboy] -

* Gopher64 0.1.7 [N64] -

* Simple64 2024.06.1 [N64] -

* XEMU 0.7.123 [XBOX] -

Winlator 7.0 for an Android released!

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Winlator is an Android application that lets you to run Windows (x86_64) applications with Wine and Box86/Box64.


  • Updated Wine
  • Updated Box86/Box64
  • Updated Mesa Turnip, Zink and VirGL drivers
  • Improved XInput stability
  • Improved Input Controls
  • Improved Task Manager
  • Improved Container settings (Processor Affinity, Show FPS, GPU Name, Win Components and Environment Variables)
  • Added experimental WoW64 mode (Container Settings -> Advanced Tab)
  • Added VKD3D
  • Added Logs option
  • Fixed intro videos (Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet and others)
  • Performance improvements and other fixes

2024-06-07 Recent Releases

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* NegaMAME 0.266-1 -

* WinArcadia 32.52 / DroidArcadia 3.0 [s2650-based] -

* WolfMAME 0.266 -

* WinUAE 5.3.0 [Commodore Amiga] -

* ZEsarUX 11.0 [Multi-system] -

* JGenesis 0.7.2 [Multi-system] -

* Emulicious (2024-05-31) [Multi-system] -

* Erockus 12.0 [Front-end] -

* Retroarch 1.19.1 [Front-end] -

2024-05-31 Recent Releases

SameBoy v0.16.5 released!

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An ultra-accurate emulator of Gameboy N'B/Color for Windows and MacOs also offers a debugger.



This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.14.3 and newer, as well as save states from any BESS compliant emulator. This version’s change set includes the changes from version 0.16.4, which was exclusive to the iOS App Store.

New/Improved Features​

  • The iOS frontend is now available on the App Store
    • The App Store version requires iOS 13 or higher, while the version targeting side-loading and jailbroken devices still supports iOS 11 and 12.
  • The following new features has been added to the iOS frontend:
    • Support for MFi, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox controllers. Support includes rumble functionality, motion controls, analog controls, and button remapping.
    • A launch screen was...

Sudachi v1.0.1 released! (Nintendo Switch Emulator)

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Sudachi is a Nintendo Switch emulator for Android, Linux, macOS and Windows written in C- and based on Yuzu.


– Android Compilation:
Fixed errors when compiling on Android by wrapping parameters for RebootlessSystemUpdateVersion in curly braces (why...)

– SSL Stubs:
Added GetNextAlpnProtoand and SetNextAlpnProtostubs to fix some issues with games that try to communicate with servers

– System Settings:
Fixed crashing when entering the Support/Health - Safety page in System Settings

– Working:
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door[/quote]

PyBoy v2.1.0 released!

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Game Boy emulator written in Python



– Fix Pokemon game wrapper for API v2.0
– Document log_level on PyBoy constructor
– Improved documentation on hooks
– Added Pokemon Pinball game wrapper
– Fix broken RTC
– Introduce experimental RTC locking API

Cosmic v0.0.19 released (PS2 emulator for Android)

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Exclusive Android Sony Playstation 2 emulator, from scratch, using Kotlin, C++ 20, OpenGLES, Vulkan, and Cubes

Project Progress:
  • Progression: 16%
  • Target for the first demo release: 2025
  • Top priority: Adding the IO coprocessor timers (IOP TIMERS)

2024-05-24 Recent Releases

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* XEMU 0.7.122 [XBOX] -

* Simple64 v2024.05.1 [N64] -

* HBMAME 0.245.19 [Arcade] -

* WinArcadia 32.51 / DroidArcadia 2.6 [s2650-based] -

2024-05-17 Recent Releases

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* Qemu 8.2.4 [PC] -

* Flycast 2.3.2 [Arcade] -

* DCExel (2024-05-12) [EXL100] -

* WinArcadia 32.5 / DroidArcadia 2.53 [s2650-based] -

* ExtraMame 24.5 [Front-end] -

* pfeMAME 2.30.5 [Front-end] -

Lime3DS Emulator v2111 released!

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Lime is the Nintendo 3DS open source emulator based entirely on Citra, which it is continuing to develop.

It is written in portability and versions are actively maintained for Windows, Linux, Android and macOS.



– Linux: Downgraded minimum glibc version from 2.38 to 2.36
This fixes a regression introduced in 2110 where some Linux distros, such as the Steam Deck’s SteamOS, were unable to launch Lime3DS via AppImage due to the glibc version being too recent
– Android: Updated internal resolution selection interface to more closely match the desktop equivalent
The setting is now configured using a dropdown menu instead of a slider
Alongside the multiplier, the result resolution is now also displayed
– Updated log filenames:
citra-log.txt – lime3ds-log.txt
citra.txt.old.txt – lime3ds-log.old.txt

Citra Enhanced v1.0 released!

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This is Citra with adjustments/additions that should be better than the original Citra.



– Android: Implement touchscreen opacity controls
– Android: Allow to adjust touchscreen buttons invididually (gperrio)
– Android: Add rotate screen toggle
– Android: Implement haptic feedback to touchscreen controls (gperrio)
– PC and Android: Backport Skip Slow Draw and Skip Texture Copy from Citra MMJ
– Android: Backport Mali GPU fixed from Citra MMJ
– PC: Disable accurate mul by default
– PC and Android: Implement Raise CPU Ticks
– PC and Android: Implement Priority Boost hack
– Android: Implement a in-game Tweaks Dialog, that applies hacks temporalily during game (much UX were improvements made by ishan09811)
– Android: Implement Oboe audio backend
– PC and Android: Improve Anaglyph logic for LCD screens (cybereality)
– PC and Android: Implement Core Downcount Hack (based on CPU Usage Limit from Citra MMJ)

Torzu (2024/05/08) released! (A fork of Yuzu Emulator Nintendo Switch)

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Torzu is a fork of Yuzu, the most popular open source Nintendo Switch emulator in the world.
It is written in C-for portability, and the author plans to actively maintain the versions for Linux, Android, and Windows.




– Fixed controller UI being cut off at the bottom
– Added menu option under « About » to open to current mirror repository in browser
– Added Windows build
– Added option to optimize generated SPIR-V shaders via spirv-opt
– Added option to synchronize CPU clock to render speed limit
– Added option to launch home menu from Switch firmware
– Fixed crash when switching away from null graphics per-game
– Minor improvements and additions

2024-05-10 Recent Releases

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* SDLMAME 0.265 for Ubuntu -

* MEmu 9.1.3 [Android] -

* Gopher2600 0.31.0 [Atari 2600] -

* WinArcadia 32.41 / DroidArcadia 2.51 [s2650-based] -

* MGalaxy 10.1 [Front-end] -

* RomVault 3.7.1 [Rom Manager] -

Flycast Dojo v6.19 released!

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Flycast Dojo is a fork of Flycast, a multi-platform emulator Sega Dreamcast, Naomi/2 and Atomiswave derived from Reicast, with an emphasis on netplay features and playback.

Flycast Dojo can be recovered from GitHub or as part of the Fightcade matchmaking service. Regardless of how you get it, you will always have the option of using it autonomously for P2P games using matching codes on a matchmaking Internet server, via a direct IP connection or a virtual LAN such as zeroTier or Radmin.



– Fix Score Transmitting (disabled by default for Fightcade)

Xemu v0.7.121 released!

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Xemu is a cross-platform and open source application that emulates the hardware of the original Xbox game console, allowing users to play their Xbox games on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.


This project is an active branch of the XQEMU project, which is itself based on the QEMU project which is popular and very actively maintained.


– . . .: Update actions to silence Node 16 warnings
– Fixed misc

Bgb v1.6.3 released!

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It is the best Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. Extremely accurate and faithful, he does not throw PDs that do not work on a real Game Boy by default (yet a hack can be activated).
All games work perfectly with the exception of a handle using an additional special chip in the cartridge



– Added « MGB reality » (gameboy pocket) colorscheme and frame blend and doubler, and setting to automatically switch between DMG and MGB colorscheme and border
– Fixed a number of bugs