Advance SNES ROM Utility 0.9.7

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This is an easy to use utility for performing some tasks on SNES / SFC ROMs!

Following functions are included:

Add header: adds an empty header
Remove header: removes an existing header
Edit ROM information like title, country/region and version
Fix checksum: fixes a broken checksum. You always should do this before saving, if possible. Please note that some beta or demo ROMs have an odd checksum anyway …
Fix ROM size: fixes wrong internal ROM size information (useful for some ROM hacks)
Expand ROM: expands ROM to a specific size up to 64 Mbit (BS-X up to 32 Mbit). Mirror option should only be used, when there are problems with standard expanding. Always check if your ROM still works after doing this!
Split ROM: splits ROM into multiple parts
SwapBin: swaps binaries to get a “Close-to-SNES-Mask-ROM”-layout (27C801)
Deinterleave: some copy stations like “Game Doctor SF” or “Super UFO” use interleaving when dumping HiROM games. This will reverse...

Jabo Texture Pack Creation and Use

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Brand new Guide for the Creation & Use of Jabo 1.7 Format Textures using Project64 3.x

We are also proud to host the Unofficial Release version of Jabo_Direct3D8_1.7.0.57 ver 6 to be compliant without issue
for continued use on Project64 3.x and up.


Project64 Direct3D Viedo Plugin and Jabo Config Support Ini (Unofficial Release)
Jabo's Direct3D8, to be used with PJ64 2.x-4.x

Released by PJ64LegacyTeam By kind permission of Jabo

  • Improved compatibility with PJ64 2.x-4.x
  • Changed the section name the plugin is looking for "Basic Mode=0" from [default] to [Settings]. Fixes displaying the Advanced settings tab.
  • The ROM settings "Resolution Width", "Resolution Height", "ClearvFrame", "Aspect Correction" were requesting the emulator to save to Project64.rdb before. Redirected them to save to Project64.cfg like all the rest.
  • Disabled "d3d syslog.txt" which affected gameplay performance and could...

Clownmdemu v0.5.2 released!

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This is clownmdemu, a Sega Mega Drive (a.k.a. Sega Genesis) emulator.

It is currently in the very early stages of development: it can run some games, but many standard features of the Mega Drive are unemulated (see clownmdemu-frontend-common/clownmdemu/ for more information).



– Fixed broken graphics in Sonic Crackers, Sonic 3, and Thunder Force IV.
– Get Combat Cars, Micro Machines, Dynamite Heady, Gunstar Heroes, and Alien Soldier to boot.
– Fix Windows XP compatibility.

2024-02-16 Recent Releases

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* AdvanceMAME 3.10 [Arcade] -

* Pantheon 13.640 [Multi-system] -

* WinArcadia 30.81 [s2650-based] -

HADES v1.0.0 released!

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Hades is still under heavy development but it aims to have a decent balance between usability, speed and accuracy.


Currently, Hades features:
  • Decent accuracy
  • Game controller support
  • Keys and buttons remapping
  • Quick Saves (also known as Save State)
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) support
  • Color correction & LCD effects
  • Loading games from common archive formats (.zip, .7z, .rar, etc.)
It is the third 🥉 software emulator to pass the AGS Aging Cartridge used to test Game Boy Advance systems.

Changelog unknown

2024-02-09 Recent Releases

PPSSPP v1.17.1 has released!

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Very powerful, PPSSPP is a free and free Sony PSP emulator (for Windows, Android and others via SDL) written in C++ by Henrik Rydgard (very well known under the pseudonym of Ector, already author of the PSP emulator Potemkin and best known for Dolphin, having also worked on a number of Dreamcast emulators).



– Fixed green rendering errors on some PowerVR GPUs (#18781)
– Release all held keys on pause to avoid « stuck keys » after unpausing or in run-behind-pause (#18786)
- Fixed UI (#18785)
– Update libchdr with zstd support, warn the user about bad CHDs (#18824, #18803). more info
– Add workaround for AdHoc mode in Resistance (#18821)
– Fix graphics in Tokimeki Memorial 4 (#18822)
– Fix crash in UFC 2010 on Mali GPUs (#18813)
– Temporarily disable MSAA on Adreno GPUs due to crashing (#18819)

RetroArch v1.17 has released!

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RetroArch is the reference frontend for the libretro API. Popular examples of implementations for this API includes video game system emulators and game engines as well as more generalized 3D programs. These programs are instantiated as dynamic libraries. We refer to these as "libretro cores".




  • ACCESSIBILITY/TTS: fix target language and missing espeak handling on Linux
  • AI: AI service reworked: performance increase, automatic translation, configurable subtitle placement, and more
  • APPLE: Fix WebDAV crash with digest auth (Cloud Sync)
  • APPLE: Cloud sync fixes - ignore .DS_Store files and re-sync on app foreground
  • APPLE: Don't re-create default directories
  • APPLE: Show Git information correctly
  • AUDIO/SYNC: Handle Hz skew adjustment for high refresh rates better (BFI, swap interval)
  • AUDIO/MIXER: Separate ffmpeg/mpv and audiomixer conditionals
  • AUDIO/WASAPI: Reworked shared buffer...

VisualBoyAdvance-M v2.1.9 has released!

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A GameBoy B&W and Color, Super GameBoy and GameBoy Advance emulator created by Mudlord (with the help of Nach, Squall Leonhart, Spacy, DJRobX, Jonas Quinn) and based on VBA by Forgotten and the VBA development team. The goal is to bring together as many improvements as possible from other VBA builds. A macOS build is also available.



– Remove SDL sound driver [rkitover)
– Fix wav audio recording [40356555-Aikku93-Aikku93-Aikku93-Aikku93-Aikku93-
– Dialog appearance improvements and link warning
– build: don’t fseeko64()/ftello64() on musl libc [rkitover)
– visualboyadance-m.metainfo.xml: add screenshots to the metainfo [zachbacon)

2024-02-02 Recent Releases

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* Qemu 7.2.9 [PC] -

* Applewin [Apple2] -

* HBMAME 0.245.16 [Arcade] -

* MAME 0.262 for Rpi -

* Wolfmame 0.262 -

* BGB 1.6.1 [Gameboy] -

* MAMEUI64 -

* Emulicious (2024-01-31) [Multi-system] -

* Erockus 11.6 [Front-end] -

* Extramame 24.1 [Front-end] -

* dgVoodoo 2.82.3 [Plugin] -

Bgb v1.6 has released!

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It is the best Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. Extremely accurate and faithful, it doesn't launch PDs that don't work on a real Game Boy by default (you can still activate a hack).
All games work perfectly except for a handle using an additional special chip in the cartridge.




– Added rewind key (default: Tab) and reverse tracing
– Added support for loading and saving PNG images (windows XP and later)
– GB Camera emulation (using webcam, image file, or test pattern)
– Added support for x2, x3, x4 scale border images. Ability to apply doubler to x1 and SGB borders
– Improved GBC color options, including « GBC reality » and custom 3d LUT support (GBI compatible PNG format)
– Realistic simulation of DMG and GBC LCD with new doublers (up to x4 scale) and frame blending options. new « DMG reality » colorscheme.
– Separate...

MAME v0.262 has released!

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MAME is a multi-purpose emulation framework.

MAME’s purpose is to preserve decades of software history. As electronic technology continues to rush forward, MAME prevents this important "vintage" software from being lost and forgotten. This is achieved by documenting the hardware and how it functions. The source code to MAME serves as this documentation. The fact that the software is usable serves primarily to validate the accuracy of the documentation (how else can you prove that you have recreated the hardware faithfully?). Over time, MAME (originally stood for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) absorbed the sister-project MESS (Multi Emulator Super System), so MAME now documents a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles and calculators, in addition to the arcade video games that were its initial focus.


Changelong is too long. Here:


A PSET4 - An emulator is being announced.

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Open source PS4 emulator

Nothing for now.

XRoar v1.5.2 has released!

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XRoar is a Dragon32/64 emulator but also Tandy CoCo.


– GIME: timer interrupt fixes [Tim Lindner]

Gopher64 v0.1.3 released!

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This is an N64 emulator written in Rust by Logan McNaughton (simple64) and some portions of it come from mupen64plus and/or ares.


The objectives in summary are as follows:

–Performance. The author wants to be able to use this emulator on my laptop.
– Easy to use.
– Easy to work with. Dynamic recompilers are powerful, but they are very difficult to read and understand. This emulator will only have interpreters for CPU and RSP. In addition, it is written in Rust (apart from Parallel-RDP), a modern programming language with an ever-growing number of users. The author has tried to avoid the use of macros, which can reduce the repetitiveness of the code, but also its readability.


  • Bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #32
  • Update eframe requirement from...

ShadPS4 v0.0.2 (28/01/2024) is released!

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It is a preliminary PS4 emulator for Windows and Linux written in Cz created by Shadow (of where it takes its name), author and contributor to prestigious projects such as PCSX, PCSX2, PCSP, JPCSP, arcadeflex, rpcs3..



– Merge pull request 77 from georgemoralis/TLS-works
– Merge branch 'TLS'works' of into TLS-works
– some fs work for openorbis (WIP)
– orbis weird sceVideoOut calls
– skip over 0x66 prefixes in TLS
– Basic TLS with patching – int 0x80
– initial PT-TLS support
– libkernel functions to get openrorbis working (without tls)
– some cleanups

JoyShockMapper v3.5.3 has released!

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JoyShockMapper converts the gameplay inputs into keyboard, mouse and virtual joystick events so you can play PC games with these joysticks. Use gyroscopic controls and the flick stick to play games with unparalleled accuracy on their respective consoles.


The Sony PlayStation DualSense, DualShock 4, Nintendo Switch JoyCons (used in pairs) and Nintendo Switch Pro have many points in common. They have many of the features expected from modern game controllers. They also have an incredibly versatile and underutilized entry that their biggest rival (Microsoft's Xbox One controller) does not have: a 3-axis gyroscope (hereinafter referred to as “gyroscope”).

The goal with JoyShockMapper is to allow you to play PC games with DS, DS4, JoyCons and NS Pro even better than on their respective consoles, and to demonstrate that more games should use these features in this way.

PCXSense v0.6 beta has released!

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This project aims to make the use of your Dualsense controller as easy and worry-free as possible with the ability to customise everything related to your own experience.

This project improves your experience on emulators through the use of adaptive triggers.


Some bulk functions:

– Easy-to-use graphical interface
– Management of vibrations
– Bluetooth and USB mode
– Gamecube/Wi triggers (Chrusers with Dolphin emulator)
– WiiU/Nintendo Switch triggers (Celms with Cemu and Yuzu emulators)
– Update Checker (It does not download the update but warns the user when a new update is published)
– Macros

Play v0.63 released!

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Play is an emulator of PlayStation 2 and Namco System 2X6 (as well as the System 147/148 variants) for Windows/MacOS/iOS/Android. It is currently written in C/C plus and uses a cache/instruction recompilation system to achieve better performance while emulating the CPU.

The emulator can operate a set of games. The author's goal is to achieve a level of quality that will allow anyone to play their favorite PlayStation 2 game on their PC.


Compatibility index on 2560 test games:

Nothing: 0.12%
Loadable: 3.09%
Intro: 12.77%
Ingame: 42.77%
Playable: 41.25%

Changelog unknown

PPSSPP v1.17 has released!

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Very powerful, PPSSPP is a free and free Sony PSP emulator (for Windows, Android and others via SDL) written in C++ by Henrik Rydgard (very well known under the pseudonym of Ector, already author of the PSP emulator Potemkin and best known for Dolphin, having also worked on a number of Dreamcast emulators).


The changes are as follows:

CHD support
CHD was originally a format for compressing hard drives from arcade games in MAME, but has become since the most popular format for storing ISOs for CD- and DVD-based video game consoles. PSP already has a different format, CSO, which can be used toilize loss-lessly compress ISOs, and as a bonus, unlike CHD, these actually work on the real hardware.

So you might ask, why support CHD? It does provide a slightly better compression ratio, but the main reason is that it’s simply asked a lot. Many people seem to familiarize with a set of tools, and since CHD works to...