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JoyShockMapper v3.5.3 has released!

JoyShockMapper converts the gameplay inputs into keyboard, mouse and virtual joystick events so you can play PC games with these joysticks. Use gyroscopic controls and the flick stick to play games with unparalleled accuracy on their respective consoles.


The Sony PlayStation DualSense, DualShock 4, Nintendo Switch JoyCons (used in pairs) and Nintendo Switch Pro have many points in common. They have many of the features expected from modern game controllers. They also have an incredibly versatile and underutilized entry that their biggest rival (Microsoft's Xbox One controller) does not have: a 3-axis gyroscope (hereinafter referred to as “gyroscope”).

The goal with JoyShockMapper is to allow you to play PC games with DS, DS4, JoyCons and NS Pro even better than on their respective consoles, and to demonstrate that more games should use these features in this way.