AMSpiriT v0.863b is released!

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AMSpiriT is an Amstrad CPC emulator for Windows coded in c++ by David Manuel. It was developed from documentation and technical information freely available on the internet, without any input from existing source codes.
AMSpiriT aims to reproduce as faithfully as possible the hardware behavior of a real CPC. In the spirit of an Amstrad CPC, the ergonomics have been designed to be as refined and intuitive as possible.

Joyce v2.5.1 is released!

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Joyce emulates the Amstrad PCW on Unix, Windows and Mac OS X. Since it's written using SDL, it shouldn't be too hard to port it to other platforms such as MacOS Classic or BeOS.

Joyce v2.5.1 Changelog:
Fixes for parallel port emulation within ANNE.

Retro Virtual Machine v2.1.4 is released!

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Retro Virtual Machine emulates the Amstrad CPC, Colecovision, MSX-1, ZX Spectrum, SG-1000 and Sega Master System.


Possible fix for a bug that caused RVM not to open on Mac if RVM v2.0 had been used before.
Machine sounds (cassette, disk, etc) respond to the main volume of the emulator now.
Implemented the differences in the 0x3f port of the Japanese Master System.
Implemented sprite zoom bug in Master System I VDP