What's new

AMSpiriT v1.0 RC1 released!

AMSpiriT is an Amstrad CPC emulator for Windows encoded in c . . . by David Manuel. It was developed on the basis of documentation and technical information freely available on the Internet, without any provision of existing source codes.
The purpose of AMSpiriT is to reproduce as closely as possible the hardware behavior of a real CPC. In the spirit of an Amstrad CPC, ergonomics was thought out in order to be the most clean and intuitive possible.


The changes:

– IPF and HFE file formats are now supported.
– Binary files (with AMSDOS header) can be loaded into ram by dragging them onto emulator’s window.
– More and better command line options. Common file formats are automatically detected.
– Improved UX and interface
– Extended RAM support, up to 4MB
– Note: “Inert” key has been replaced by “ ALT” key for emulating “COPY” key on CPC keyboard
– And as always, some bug fixes, including a major AY emulation fix, FDC timings adjustments, and a handling better of a couple of 80 opcodes. {/quote]