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  12. OSX Dolphin compatibility.
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  14. Wind Waker Blackscreen when use the Spyglass
  15. there must be a ticket for 00000001/000000002.Your NAND dump is probably incomplete
  16. sound garbled..
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  19. bluetooh recomendations
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  24. "Memory Card"
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  27. Dolfin Alternative
  28. Music often cuts out
  29. Dolphin has extremely poor IR recognition
  30. "GFX FIFO: Unknown Opcode"
  31. Any way to fix the calibration for Skyward Sword?
  32. Ten years of dolphin
  33. Do they make wiimotes for pc?
  34. Dolphin 4: User files
  35. Crashes with new isos?
  36. Max settings\performance settings help\suggestions
  37. Looking to build a PC that'll work flawlessly with dolphin
  38. Are there any plans to bring back Dolphin3.0 performance and get audio working again?
  39. Having major speed-up (and audio) issues
  40. N64 or gamecube controller better for dolphin gamecube and project64 n64 games?
  41. 0 fps, 65-250 vps - 350%
  42. Issues running Pokemon Colosseum
  43. Black Screen after opening ISO in Dolphin
  44. Is there a way to play animal crossing on the dolphin emulator?
  45. Asychronous Audio...and why it should not have been removed
  46. Renaming a file and things work right again....
  47. Interesting discovery and an inquirey to the community...
  48. speed issues on a pc that most likely shouldnt have them?
  49. How to connect Wii remote to PC?
  50. How to extract/decompile a .GCM
  51. ERROR: Trying to compile at 0. LR=00000000
  52. Connectivity With VBA-M Problems?
  53. Which are the best spec for a new pc for emulate Dolphin?
  54. What settings would you suggest to run Dolphin at 1080p w/ minor to no lag/stutter?
  55. Convert GCM to ISO
  56. Need help with memory card problem..
  57. Dolphin network
  58. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie game goes black in Dolphin
  59. Hello, only getting 25 fps in Skyward Sword and other games but specs are great
  60. Cyb's ... current Dolphin source repository and update information ..
  61. Gamecube
  62. Help! Fatal Frame emulation
  63. Help me plz! I cant use keyboard or xbox 360 controller on dolphin
  64. trying to play zelda wind waker
  65. Need help.
  66. Which config or emulator version do I need to Use?
  67. Cannot get Xenoblade to work on Dolphin, black screen, no graphics no audio.
  68. Mario Party 4-7 Netplay Discord Server
  69. Thoughts on n64 emulation through dolphin
  70. Games running really slowly (Not lag, but as if it was slow motion)
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  72. PC update
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  74. Resident Evil 0 Emulator Issue #10129