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Vanit's Sin and Punishment Translation/Retexture Project


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This is a translation for the underrated N64 game, Sin and Punishment. There's nothing more for me to say that's not in the readme except for that I worked really hard on this :D. Also a special thanks to TheFreak who provided the translation of the epilogue for me. Have a cookie!

Also for a bit a tech support; if you notice that during cut scenes there is a message saying "PRESSUSTARTUBUTTON" you can rectify that by going to the graphic options, then the Game Default Options tab, and uncheck the box for 'Accurate Texture Mapping'. And that should set it back to "PRESS START BUTTON" without the u's instead of spaces.

Take note that this is not a 'traditional' rom hack that is applied via IPS. I have used Rice's Texture Plugin to replace the images in a far more friendly manner. This method allows for a higher resolution and takes far less time to code (where it may be near impossible to hack the rom itself). For this reason my translation can only be used in an emulator (not including Xbox emulators)







More screenshots after the break in the spoiler!






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Nice work! :) I was planning on doing this eventually but other projects got in the way of it :) looks good though!


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Sweet... though I don't really see a reason to change the subtitles in-game I'm glad you were able to do the main screens.
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cooliscool: Your post on the NGEmu forums was the thing that gave me the idea to translate this :).

Weatherton: I'm aiming for a complete translation in every sense of the word. My goal is to have no Jap left in the game when I'm finished, and that means redoing the subtitles. Besides, without them the story always seems to go through one ear and out the other.


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Fair enough, I just kind of liked that stylistic feel -- constantly reminded how I had imported the game :) In any case, I hope this gam gets some ingame texture love as well it is a great game! Are there a lot of textures in this game? I know it was one of the last N64 games...


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The translation is coming along well. I've translated the pause menu among a lot of other little tid bits and a friend of mine is working on the translation of the training script. Also, I noticed as I was playing to dump files that there was a lot of static which supposedly is an emulation error. However, I also noticed that all this static is actually being dumped... so it might be possible for me to replace these files with blank ones so the static is completely removed. I'll look into it.


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The static is caused by incorrect FB settings. Plugins with HWFBE such as Direct64 do not have this issue. Try changing the settings in Rice's, or use Direct64.


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Well, I tried replacing the files and it worked to an extent ^___^. I think there's a few files I didn't replace.


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Great job, but...

Can someone tell me what's this game about? Never seen it in my life...

Couldn't guess by the screenshots...


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It's a 3rd Person Shooter. Sin and Punishment is one of the most famous (and best) N64 games to be released in Japan only.