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Vanit's Sin and Punishment Translation/Retexture Project


New member
Lookin good. Lookin VERY good! Can't wait to get my hands on it for the cutscene 'fix' alone, not to mention how clean things are startin to look.


New member
Okay, I thought I would give a little progress update. Tutorial, Training Demo, all menu/scoring dialogue is translated. I've finished all ingame dialogue right up to before the final boss. But I've run into a little problem. The ending is really long (equal to about 1/3 of all the ingame dialogue) and I need someone who is fluent in Japanese to translate it for me. They don't have to know anything about photoshop or that, I'll just send you the pictures and you write down the translated text and the filename in a txt file and send it back. If you're fluent in Japanese please reply. Whoever ends up doing the translation will also be mentioned in the credits :).


New member
i think u should call out a bit more for the project :)
why not ask arround abit at ngemu , i think there are a bit more japanese capable people :)
wbr Shin Gouki


New member
Hi Vanit,
Have a look on gamefaqs for a translation faq

Here is some copy & paste from the faq


Probably the most annoying thing about S&P is that, even after
all the vocal dialogue, the epilogue text isn't spoken, leaving
those with lack of Japanese, like myself, wondering exactly it
is that is being said at the end. well, thanks to aliensoldier2
on the Sin & Punishment Gamefaqs Message board, we can now
figure out what they're saying. aliensoldier2 doesn't want
people to think that the translation is 100% perfect, but I think
it's legit enough to be an agreeable translation so nyaaah!!

Here's the ending...:

After Saki and Airan return to earth after defeating Planet Mimicry
and decide to battle the Ruffians together, we see Achi floating in
space. She says:

-- ''The enemy is coming. Now that I've lost Brad and Saki, I can't
hope to win against it. But... Does the enemy know about Saki and how
he inherited the power of my blood? (visions of Saki)
''Saki's not the only one. There is another who is just beginning to
realize her powers (visions of Airan), and one who will carry Saki's
blood in the future (visions of Isa, Saki and Airan's son).

(An image of the sun breaking from behind the earth) ''Life is
establishing itself in a new form on that planet... Can the enemy
continue to call itself god?''

(Transformed Saki walking)
Saki: If you look at a map, Hokkaido seems like it's right next
to Honshu, but when you actually cross over on foot it's really
pretty far.

(Airan, riding within Saki's body, appears)
Airan: No problem, let's walk. Using your teleporting powers
would be too dangerous.. Saki..? There's something I've been
thinking about for awhile. Have you ever really thought about
how to use your true power (the power of Achi's blood)? Achi showed
me a possible future, ten years from now. You were fighting
alongside Ruffians, against humans. Since you and the Ruffians
share blood, that future might be possible...

Saki: No, as long as I'm together with you, it's impossible.
I'm always having dreams of battling Ruffians. As long as they
keep terrorizing mankind, I can only see them as enemies. What
you saw was probably just part of Achi's training. We're both
human, and if we work together and move forward carefully, I
think that we can choose the right path.

Airan: You're really thinking ahead, aren't you? I guess you
really are pretty carefree. That's why it's so comfortable
here(inside Saki's body). Bright and warm..

Saki: I wonder if that's because I'm still concealing the painful
places within me. I can't see those places in you either, Airan.
Achi said that if I want to be really human again, we have to
completely share each other's true feelings and thoughts.

Airan: Not yet. I want things to be like this for awhile.

Saki: Airan... On top of everything else, we have an even greater
mission to carry out.

Airan: What? Mission...?

Saki: Let's see.. in ten years he should be about five or so,
right? Our c-h-i-l-d...--


If this is not good enough you could try the following message boards:


New member
I already saw that FAQ but I couldn't remember where I saw it. Thanks for finding it again. Anyways I contacted the writer and he said it was fine for me to use it. So looks like this project is coming back on track after all :).


New member
Just finished inserting the epilogue. You can expect me to release this... tomorrow probably.


New member
I have done up some of the textures. The crosshairs look a lot better now, and the monsters in the tutorial demo look better too. And at the moment the filesize is only 3.5mb.


New member
The main menu's (nor any of it's sub menu's) are showing up for me translated. But the text is, and the new cursor too etc.. etc.. (everything but the menu's).

Anybody else?


New member
This may seem like a dumb question, but when I'm playing this game I get a lot of "Blackouts" is this part of the game or an emulation error.


New member
I found out what it was, though I still don't understand it. I had to uncheck the TMEM Emulation on the texture tab. Menu's were fine.

ConsoleFanboy: If you're still getting blackouts with this pack, try messing with various framebuffer settings. Thats the whole reason I was anticipating the pack (for the frame buffer fix). So far it seems to have done that -- bu tI only played the first 2 stages :p. The intro used to black out though and its not now so its all good (and the scene during stage 1 to 2 where the gun is tossed to Saki too).

But now with "hide" for both frame buffer options I still see it (yay). Before this tex pack I would have to turn on Basic Frame Buffer & w/ Emu, and Write Back and Reload. Try those settings -- though you'll get an buttload of slowdown when the frame buffer makes purdy blurring effects.


New member
Actually I left the frame buffer fix out for now because it was raising it by a few megabytes. I'll release it in a matter of days because I haven't had a chance to dummy up recent dumps. But, like you, while playing with my pack I experienced far less static for someone reason.


New member
i have the same problem as blackbeard. Nothing is translated except for the dialogue.
blackbeard fixed his problem by unchecking tmem, but mine was already unchecked when i looked.


Active member
Those 'blackouts' people are experiencing are likely to be the unemulated motion blur effects.