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    cool aye
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    Pocket PC

    just bought me a toshiba e350 (dirt cheap from ebay, like half retail and its new with warrenty). anyway, just seeing if anyone has a ppc out there and if they have any softare reccommendations. cheers
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    Save Angel

    Petitions dont do much but there may be some hope. Please Sign.
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    ADSL Modem in Linux

    Newbie Linux Help Hi, im very new to linux and im trying to install my ADSL modem. I'm using Mandrake 9.2 and am trying to install a D-Link DSL-200. Mandrake doesnt seem to have the drivers for it. I found this site here telling me what to do
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    El Mariachi

    I was meaning to see this flick for a while and i finally go around to hiring it and i absolutely loved it. if you didnt know already, it is the first film in Robert Rodriguez's desperado trilogy, and his first feature length movie. Now the movie was great in itself but then when you see that it...
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    It's the end of the world as we know it..

    Anyone seen the trailor for The Day After Tomorrow yet? i saw it in the cinema a few days ago and i must say it looks pretty good. definately on my must see list. Check out the trailer and some schnazzy new photos...
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    Ninty DS

    In an official press release from Nintendo today, we can announce with both wonder and astonishment the latest Nintendo machine: The Nintendo DS portable! In a shocking announcement which is set to rock the gaming world, Nintendo have released details of their forthcoming DS Portable gaming...
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    1964 Release

    And the first release of 2004 goes to the team at 1964. Here is the news straight off the press; <font class=post_quote>Here's your new year's gift. 1964 v0.9.9 is here. With over one year in private development since the release 1964 0.8.5. and with over 3 months in beta testing, 1964 0.9.9...
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    Happy New Year!

    I'm sure you all have been celebrating already and have read plenty of well wishes, so here is one more. :) Have a fun and safe new year and good luck with sticking to those resolutions. Have a Great 2004! :cheers:
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    Go The Welsh

    hehe how funny would it be if England were knocked out of the world cup? 3-5 atm to the welsh :p
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    N-Gage upgrades

    well considering the immediate remarkable success of nokia's n-gage, a few other companies are considering taking the giant leap and combining gaming systems with mobile phones. check out their prototypes here
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    Kill Bill

    The movie overall was fucking amazing. Some of the shots were absolutely stunning with the use of contrasting colours (snow scene anyone), then there were the fight scenes, the anime story, the crazy music which fit the movie so perfectly, and of course tarrintinos trademark directions. Can't...
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    GB on Mobile Phones

    yah seems like you can play gameboy games on yuor nokia 3650 or 7650 with this emulator port. if someone has one of them phones, give it a go to see if its real, would be pretty decent.
  14. Macca Just wondering if anyone uses it? im thinking about changing to it and just want to check if any has had any experiences good or bad. Post away, Thanks
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    some things are so disgusting they are funny :puke: