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I started merging stuff over. Kept SSE, of course. :) Updating is rather straightforward; there's a wrapper included for dx8 and dx9. I've missed A LOT of cleaning, nice work deathdroid!


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Hi Naraan! I'm interested in your adventures with Rice Video. You mention that the Color Combiner is a little wacky. Would you say the same for the DX pixel shader combiner? I always thought it was rather powerful. I'd love to see some details on your work with RV OGL, and if there are any improvements that can be brought back to the DX side.
Hi weinerschnitzel, as I never seen the DX pixel shader combiner I don't know if it's better or not. The fact I see "Pixel shader" mean it should be more modern and certainly more accurate but I never test. I'm not sure any OGL improvement could be put on the DX side unfortunately. :(


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Woah being away for a few weeks has made me miss a bit >.<
The original color combiner in reality was just a complicated way of achieving the same thing the pixel shaders are much easily able to handle.
Will have to give myself some proper time to read and reply to everything since i dont quite have the time at the moment.
[MENTION=63108]gitech[/MENTION] wowwwwwwwww its been such a long time since weve talked :p Glad to see you back around in the scene again, these problems that your having seem to be cropping up in a few different games. If you could take save games near when that happen it will sure help me work out how or if it is possible to fix them.

[MENTION=20198]Eve[/MENTION]ryone New version now available, it contains a few fixes here and there, fixes some weird graphical glitches, should improve general stability. Also should render some more things than previous version. Plugin still has a long way to go :p but will hopefully get there one day.

Latest version available is 0.3 :)
Available for download here: http://adf.ly/qZwi2

NOTE: Sorry for the half assed replys, its like 1am here so kind of just barely functioning :p

Please note you will now need the x86 redistrubutable for Visual Studio 2013 http://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=40784
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Currently working on rewriting some things in the texturefilters side to start using more directx features than our custom built ones. Cuts down code size and also means we will be cutting down the amount of hoops we have to go to do certain things.
Please note the current changes now remove the automatic dumping of the rgb and alpha channel as separate entities
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death--droid, I need your help. :)

Could you please dump me the pxiel shader responsible to draw texts on Top Gear Rally? :)

Here is mine(GLSL):
void main()                                                
vec4 outColor;                                             
vec3 AColor = uPrimColor.rgb;
vec3 BColor = uEnvColor.rgb;
vec3 CColor = texture2D(uTex1,vertexTexCoord0).rgb;
vec3 DColor = uEnvColor.rgb;
float AAlpha = 0.0;
float BAlpha = 0.0;
float CAlpha = 0.0;
float DAlpha = texture2D(uTex0,vertexTexCoord0).a;
vec3 cycle1Color = (AColor - BColor) * CColor + DColor;
float cycle1Alpha = (AAlpha - BAlpha) * CAlpha + DAlpha;
AColor = cycle1Color;
BColor = vec3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
CColor = texture2D(uTex1,vertexTexCoord0).rgb;
DColor = vec3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
AAlpha = 0.0;
BAlpha = 0.0;
CAlpha = 0.0;
DAlpha = texture2D(uTex1,vertexTexCoord0).a;
outColor.rgb = (AColor - BColor) * CColor + DColor;
outColor.a = (AAlpha - BAlpha) * CAlpha + DAlpha;
float coverage = 1.0;
if( coverage < 0.1 ) discard;
if( outColor.a < uBlendColor.a ) discard;
    gl_FragColor = outColor;                               

Using apitrace I've been able to see the tex0 and tex1. tex0 is the sprite of the character, tex1 is a ramp gradient (is that the same on you?). It seems the second CColor use tex1 instead of use tex0. I'm cutting my hairs on this!

A big thanks in advance!



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Thanks for the last update. With this plugin Fushigi no Dungeon - Furai no Shiren 2 looks marvelous. :happy:

Maybe I’m doing something wrong with the configuration, but sometimes the animations are not working properly. Please check the image:
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It was uploaded to Google. He probably made it private by mistake.


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hehe, that might actually turn out to be a fairly large project actually, I could try it if enough people are interested.
RiceVideo is a bit of a pain at times, for some odd reason I rather like it over Glide, never been really sure why to be honest

I like it because I can swap and check textures quicker so it supports re-texturing wok flow better than glide. Wasn't really interested in glides prepacked textures atm. Maybe some day ill try it Nice didn't know plugins were coming out might want to contact emulator zone their N64 plugins are out of date.


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Been working on a few less real changing options, alot of its cleaning code. Cleaned up alot of texture filter code, and redoing the options dialog so its not spread out amongst several pages.


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Rice Video 0.4.0 released, more optimized code with a variety of fixes, also gone and did a rethink on the layout of the settings, should be a bit more easier hopefully. Let me know about any games that have gotten worse since previous version. Stripped out a hack for TWINE that was causing some serious depth fighting issues with windows, let me know if its created any problems by removing this hack.
Also did some rethinking of highres texture dumping and loading, should be a lot more streamlined with the texture dumping at least.

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Does this fix the gun model in TWINE?

What is the current status on Daedalus merges? Are more in store?

Thanks for keeping at this! :)


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Nooooooooooo it does not XD Fixed the window twitching but stuffs up drawing of hands and stuff. I need to spend time on fixing that but being spending trying to clean the code up.
Theres still plenty more to come, just finding it difficult to port some of the changes as it requires fairly hefty changes


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New release of Rice Video, fix a problem i introduced with some of my cleaning, fixes tiles drawing improperly. Also ported some more Daedulus behaviour, hopefully will work better.

Version 0.4.1
Download: http://adf.ly/uxkdV


Project 64 won't allow me to install the plugin? I tried placing it in plugin root folder and then in GFX. am i missing something here? Thank you!


Texture Pack Invader
Feature request

Texture dumping:
I would like to be able to dump files to folders defined by there common name.
Useful for spirit mapping.

The game name is already created within texture_dump.
I would like to take the dumping a step further and dump files automatically into folders with user defined perimeters as seen below.

There are at least two currently undefined name that could be used to define a texture, or a group of related textures.

Example one with primary name :
GameName#TextureName1#ID1# TexName2 #Format
MARIOKART64# 000B40D9 #2#1#58F81E39_ciByRGBA
MARIOKART64# 000B40D9#2#1#A0494855 _ciByRGBA

Example two with secondary name:

Cross association:
We also need to have the program guess the secondary half texture.
These textures are dump immediately before or after the files that it is associated with.
I have dumped an example and marked them with the HiresEaser option one.

1 (NULL Invalid texture removed)
2 MARIOKART64#907640F3#2#1#5C82C6B4_ciByRGBA.png
3 MARIOKART64#907640F3#2#1#B9954A30_ciByRGBA.png
4 MARIOKART64#907640F3#2#1#E1883667_ciByRGBA.png
5 MARIOKART64#93C9AAFD#2#1#D4F52215_ciByRGBA.png Head texture

The output would be:
plugin/texture_dump/gamename/primary_code/000B40D9/(related files)
plugin/texture_dump/gamename/secondary_code/822B3E9D/(related files)


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