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    Users should have a minimum amount of System RAM not less then 4GB's.
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    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
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Pietschie & Bad Randolphs Super Smash Bros. HD

Another N00b

New member
Genial! Sieht echt klasse aus, damit wird ssb aufm emu noch mehr Spaß machen als sonst. :D

Well yeah, gj you two, keep up the excellent work!
First of all thanks to everyone again. Reading your comments really is a good motivation =)

You said this pack was based on mp's texture pack. That means you use the same textures on screen menus?¿?¿ The best problem on that pack was this kind of background textures...
For example we don't retexture the texts or buttons which have already been retextured by _pm_ in a well execurted manner. It wouldn't really make sense because the ones that have been done already look good so it would be a waste of time to do them again.
But we want to retexture the characters and the stages (including backgrounds) almost completely on our own. Still this doesn't mean we don't touch other things at all. _pm_'s pack wasn't comeplete, so we have also retextured text, menu buttons and such which hasn't been done yet.
All in all we are focusing on the ingame multiplayer but nevertheless we've also done many other textures.
How Many textures will have the pack?? It's a totally retexture project???
We probably won't redo every single texture because that would really be a lot of work and there's many textures which don't really make a difference. At this time we've already done about 1500 new textures.
And...What happend with the fu***g tube on Mushroom Kingdom scene?¿?¿?¿ xDDDDDDDDD It was happened the same on mp's pack lol
The tube is a 3D object so it's not the fault of the texture. The emulator/video plugin somehow seems to distort it... dunno...

Diddy Kong

New member
Mushroom Kingdom screenshot


Are you using a Xbox360 Engine? O_O"


Emulation Fanatic
Ehh, maybe he thought the textures looked so good, that he thought it was 360....textures..? Idunno..


Manaurys M. suazo
ohh waaaaaaaaaaaaooo i just dont know what to say this is so awesome cant wait for a a download you are the best man this is big work
Thanks again for the feedback =)
I thought I'd just let you know the progress on the characters and stages.

Donkey Kong 100%
Fox 100%
Jigglypuff 100%
Kirby 100%
Luigi 100%
Mario 100%
Ness 100%
Pikachu 100%
Yoshi 100%
Captain Falcon 90% (Only a few small things left for the different colors)
Link 50%
Samus 20% (Orange 100%)

Dream Land 100%
Sector Z 100%
Mushroom Kingdom 100%
Yoshi's Island 100%
Congo Jungle 100% (though a few textures are from _pm_'s pack)
Saffron City 85% (only background left to do)
Hyrule Castle 85% (only background left to do)
Planet Zebes 85% (only background left to do)
Peach's Castle 85% (only background left to do)


New member
Hei Randolph could you upload more shots please?????

And another question...Could we set resolution into 1080p?¿?¿? :O:O:O:O:O

I used to play SSB with my brother Pietschie on his Full HD in 1080p but meanwhile he has moved. So I'm not exactly sure but I think that you can indeed set resolution into 1080p.
And if you like me to I can of course upload a few more screenshots.


N64 Artist
Great job guys!!! I just got a Samsung LN52A550 LCD monitor/tv. I will be looking forward to the release so I can see ALL your hard work and play SSB in glorious HD! ;)

I really appreciate your attention to detail with subtle highlights and shadows!

Super indeed!


New member
Really nice texture seriously

I hope a day there will be a option or something so we can play super smash bros online with those texture or any others games of course:bouncy:
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Manaurys M. suazo
OMG when ya finish this noone is gonna get even close to make a pack like this in many years to come Amazing