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Pietschie & Bad Randolphs Super Smash Bros. HD


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Retexturer: Pietschie, Bad Randolph​

Hello there. I’m working together with Bad Randolph on this Super Smash Bros. retexture project. Our intention is to improve the graphics within the game so textures look even sharp and detailed when playing in HD (this is how the name came into existence because we always play Smash on a full HD TV. So that’s the target device on which our textures should look good.) We’re mainly doing textures of the multiplayer part (characters, items, maps, backgrounds, in game effects) but some parts of the menu and single player have also been done. Furthermore we try to make new textures look like the the original, only improved obviously. However sometimes we also design textures a bit different from the original.

Started in: 03-2008

We are also using textures from _pm_s SSB Hires Textures Pack v0.31. He did a great job at retexturing text in Smash Bros.
We also retextured some of the textures he had done already but some of his textures are still in use on our screenshots,
exspecially the text textures. His thread is:

Finished in: 12-2008
Amount of textures done: 2900+ (about 800 textures from _pm_’s pack)

I prepared a website if you want to compare some retextures with originals:








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Oh holy crap! I'm honored to be the first comment! Wow you guys are very talented for sure! You guys got the backgrounds done perfectly, they line up amazingly well. I can't wait to see more progress from you guys. I'm sure your project will be a valuable addition to this site as well as others! :bouncy:


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Looks amazing.

One thing I thougt of: In SSB you only have a side vide, so you can make textures that look 3D from this point of view, like in the 2nd pic


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I must say i´m very impressed. I especially like how well tiled everything is. For example, the back of great fox. The tiling is perfect. And the first screen, wow, looks silky smooth, the edges are perfect, nothing jaggy... Really great!
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Thanks a lot for your replies. As you may noticed the mushroom kingdom maps background is still using its original textures. I'm currently doing the background textures of it. Will make a updated screen of it with the new background when its done :)

The Starfox map, Kirbys Dreamland and Yoshis map are done 100%
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Great to hear your feedback, thanks! I've made a little Luigi preview image. Maybe I'll do previews for the other characters, too.


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Has anyone seen my jaw? I seem to have dropped it.
Haha! Classic dude, classic.

I´ll be looking forward to more updates on this. It looks fantastic, and i can´t wait to hopefully try it on by soon to be purchased 42" TV.


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Moved pictures to a more reliable server now, because the server I used before seems to have some problems at the moment.

- Mushroom Kingdom is finished now
- Link has some new textures
- Captain Falcon has new textures
- Background in Kirbys Dreamland has bigger textures now
- some new FX Effects done

Mushroom Kingdom screenshot


furthermore I added 5 new screenshots to the compare website
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Impressive screenshots at the compare website.
Only thing that doesn't fit that IMHO good is the middle of Yoshis stage. but the other stuff is just excellent!


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I can't say I'm too hot on the SMB stage, but everything else looks great.

One thing though, you got rid of the cardboard edges on the Yoshi's Story platforms. Why so?


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I can't say I'm too hot on the SMB stage, but everything else looks great.

One thing though, you got rid of the cardboard edges on the Yoshi's Story platforms. Why so?

Didn't like the cardboard look so much
Maybe I'll try a different texture on it. Will have a look at it again


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I certainly hope so. It seems the guys working on this is going for a cartoonish look, which i think is more correct for this game. Whatever it is they are doing, it looks great.
I've been working a little bit on Samus and Link recently. And a few minutes ago I've finished the Planet Zebes background though it still has to be saved into the single png files.


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Hello PIETSCHIE AND BAD RANDOLPH. I Think you're doing a great job about this texture pack. It's awesome!!!!. But I have some questions about it:

You said this pack was based on mp's texture pack. That means you use the same textures on screen menus?¿?¿ The best problem on that pack was this kind of background textures...

How Many textures will have the pack?? It's a totally retexture project???

And...What happend with the fu***g tube on Mushroom Kingdom scene?¿?¿?¿ xDDDDDDDDD It was happened the same on mp's pack lol

Nothing more to say. Simply your job is awesome.