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Need help On A Comic style Spiderman Project!


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Works better than the over-comicized one, but not comic-ized enough. Make one somewhere in-between the two.


This is one of the worst models I've come across. I can't work miracles. I changed her torso. I think it looks a little better.


Some constuctive criticism on Mollymuts Captain America: The nose is really screwed. Not the I could do a better job but it just looks wrong.

ok, sorry for the HUGE bump but anyway. I have uploaded all the work I had got done myself. Included is Level 1, rhinos area and mysterios area, as well as mysterio character, and some of the warehouse.

Hopefully, maybe, in the new year I will continue work on this project, I will see how it goes. My work and education of course, come first. Hopefully if I do restart it, Mollymutt still has his textures, for one, and secondly, it can go for more of an Ultimate-Spiderman style. I've since got the game and I can play itnext week (damn leaving PS2 at uni) so Ill be able to get an idea of the style of that game alot more now, which was the original point of this topic.
Download Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/9981824/spidermantextures281205.zip.html


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I am sorry to say but most of those character models look _awful_.
It's not your fault, it's just very hard to make this kind of game cartoony. I can easily say I prefer the default ones a lot more than these.


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ok, now I'll try for some constructive criticism. I think you've got a good idea going, but the models aren't good enough. You've got to remember to keep the character textures basic and keep them true to the model. Plus the comic book inking on the characters needs to be referenced. Unless you are a comic book artist then I would suggest getting your favorite Macfarlane Spider-Man comics and finding a middle ground that agrees with the original model but works with your idea. And that goes for not only your texture inking, but just regular texturing as well. To sum it up, you've got a good idea and although the macfarlane period isn't my personal favorite, I would really like to see you keep it up and keep getting better at it.

EDIT: I just remembered, the PC version would be a better version to do textures and experiment with. The N64 version of the game is kind of dumbed down, so if you want to play around with the best version graphically I suggest the PC version. But that's my two cents.
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COOL!!! Keep up the good work IMBORED... been following your work... especially in the WWF No Mercy area. Am downloading your the Spiderman textures now... Please keep on going!


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please don't this die, y'alls work is amazing. i downloaded an n64 emulator for this project. please keep it going.