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Need help On A Comic style Spiderman Project!

Having just seen this game;


I know what I want to do once my NM projects are tied up. I tried my hand at texturing Spiderman 64 before, but to limited results (I was hand-drawing each texture which took an immense amount of time for each character, and I had college work at the same time, and alot of things going against me.)

I now think that a similar approach, albeit a more simple stylised approach, is better suited, similar to Djipis WW project, but with a staple Marvel feel to it. Im not bothered if it doesnt run with orkins cel shader, or whatever (I realise that it would probably put unnecessary stress on him having projects rely on his plug ins for the main part of their style) and I am sure some nice results are possible with straight up texturing, but I will need some help, I think. It is a large game, and with any modding project, the hard part is starting. If anyones interested, reply, and Im sure we can put together a style guide. And if anyone has any oldish (1990's) Spiderman comics, could I ask for some scans of anything you feel would be useful? Itd be instrumental in determining the style.
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Yeah, I remember you started one a while ago and I did like the concept on your website it looked very professional. I'm glad you decided to continue with the project, if I had better retexturing skills I would help, but my life is pretty busy at the moment :p By the way, are you planning on sticking with this concept from here http://a.1asphost.com/alexunderhill/ or trying it all from scratch again? Well best of luck :) - minkster
Minkster, its a similar concept but im not using any of the stuff I did before, it just doesnt fit. Its a shame, because I did alot of work on those, but again, it doesnt fit and realistically speaking, the process I was using took too long.

Kerber, that alone is amazingly useful. Its like, pretty much the first building of the first level, block for block. Thanks


I'm a total comic book geek. I have just about every Spider-Man comic from the last 15 years, so let me know what you need. This project is right up my alley. I'm in!
Sweeeet. Welcome aboard! If you find any images in any of the comics that are like, of the rooftops, or any locations in the game, if you could scan them in that would be useful. I only have a select few comics myself, but I appear to have lost them :( Not a good thing, but oh well!


Give me some screenshots, since I didn't even remember that there was a Spider-man game on N64. I'll have to download the rom. BTW, did you know about the Ultimate Spider-man game coming out later this year? It's cell shaded, and looks sweet. We should try to make our project look like this one. Check it out.
Thats exactly the game I was referring to in my first post. Its inspired me, and I dont think its entirely impossible to acheive something like that.

Yeah the spiderman 64 game I believe only came out in the US, but was released everywhere on the PSX.



(PC shots but its the same game.)

It seems they were going for a comic book style but Im not entirely convinced its there...Its a funny style, so Id rather it redone like that Ultimate spider-man game thats upcoming...far more stylized. I think characters are going to be the first to change, imo.
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Yes, but they're changing it to be ULTRA-STYLISED, like the new game they were talking about. There's a difference, you know. Anyway, i'd be in if I had ANY time at ALL, and if I was more interested in the comic books. I'll be keeping an eye on how it goes, though. Good luck!
Thanks. Yeah, I realised the game already is fairly comic-y but it could be a lot better, and obviously a better resolution, although that goes without saying. I experimented very briefly last night, and I think as part of the style, most objects should have black outlining. Sounds obviously, but looking at Ultimate Spiderman, thats the route theyve gone, even when their cel shading is not applied, I believe. Hopefully a couple more people can provide their services yet, though, and then I guess it can begin.
woah, awesome. I really like the red bits. Do you think you could change the blue parts, so theyre either not so dark, or the form is described better? I never liked how dark the shading was on that. I would also say just add outlines to parts, such as where the red meets blue, but that is all. Awesome work!


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Spider-Man runs at 30 FPS for me, is that just me? Otherwise, good luck with this. I'm sure Cel-Shading will liven up this great game.


Turn the sync game to audio off in this game. It causes massive fps drop in many games just to make the sounds right. Like Tony Hawk -series.

That is, if you are using Project64, I don't know about 1964.
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I lightened up the blue areas. I'm still not 100% lined up, but I don't know if I'll ever get to that point. And I have no idea what to do about the back of his head, and the hands suck. Mabye someone more experienced can fix it.