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Need help On A Comic style Spiderman Project!


Here's my finished Rhino, I see what you mean about the outlines. I'll update Cap. Spider-man though, doesn't have outlines between red and blue areas,as it's supposed to be a seemless transition.
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Theyre all cool. I know what you mean, it doesnt seem like any one really is interested, Ive thought the same. Then I figured it didnt matter as I know that on my behalf, Im doing it because its something Id want to see, personally.


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Spider-Man is not as popular as games like Zelda and Conker, that's the reason not many people decide to post. I bought this game when it came out on the N64 and I loved it, so I'm checking up on this daily, it's a really great game. Maybe once a big pack is finished, some people will decide to try this game and fall in love with it.

Looks great BTW!! Punisher looks awesome, although I don't remember his presence. :huh:


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I like this mod alot :) I've been watching the progress since it started and everything looks great keep it up!


Here's Doc Ock. Once again, where is everybody? Should I even bother with this mod anymore? Im Bored, Where are you? you started this thread, but you don't ever post here. Are you doing any more textures?
Yeeeeeeah sorry its been a bad week this week for me, the only things I have really felt like working on have been compositions. Sorry. I have done two photoshop brushes for this...Ive yet to put them in to practice, but ones a more hand drawn looking lining tool...Ill see how it works. I kind of stopped on this for a bit, as ive seen some new media for ultimate spider man, and Im not sure if what I had done, matches that game...


Well, I'm back. Nobody has posted in over 2 days here, so I guess I'll stop working on this until someone else starts contributing, or at least shows some intrest in it.


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I like your idea making it more like a comic, like Ultimate Spider-Man. But if you really wanna give it that "marvel feel" like you said, I would remake it as if it were drawn by John Romita Sr. THE spider-man artist. He was the second spier-man artist and probably the most famous. I'd also try to give it a 60's comic book feel. That way it'd give you your "marvel feel." But that's just my opinion. good work!
Update, at long last!

May Contain Spoilers (If you havent Beaten the game)
So far Ive done these 3/4 areas (I count it as two for Mysterio)

I hope you like them. C+C welcome. I didnt have mollymutts Mysterio so I did one myself for the time being.


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im bored, those pics are really sweet... it really captures the feel of the comics! i like the way you did the textures of mysterio. it fits the comicstyle much better than the previous characters cause it looks more hand drawn. But that's just my opinion. keep up the good work!!!

edit: aahh... at closer inspection, i see that its the boss mysterio which i thought is a "normal" character... but anyways, still think the other characters should be in his style.... more hand drawn. again just my opinion ;)
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