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    Flying Dragon / SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu

    I still can't get either of these games to run right. I had the most success with Glide64, but even then the game was slightly unplayable due to the menu being messed up, and thus being unable to properly equip items. Plus, I don't feel like getting my Voodoo2s out of the closet. Anyone have any...
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    Someone set us up the bomb

    [2:33pm] <+chupachipmunk> What happen? —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— Netsplit Detected. «» [2:33pm] [2:33pm] Skootch «[email protected]» has Quit iRC ( [2:33pm] shiny_puppy «[email protected]» has...
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    Erva Erva take your shirt off Certainly a new way to look at "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". And no, there's nothing about it that isn't safe for work, just another backwards music thing.
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    Nerrbody in the club getting tips.......
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    PSP Failures

    Honestly, I expected problems like this to arise release day, they're late this time. Just like the PS and the PS2 before it, the PSP has defects, the funniest being the "Projectile UMD" Just watch the video Here's a link to the article...
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    Bawls: Pure evil, or pure bliss?

    Seriously, how many of you have had it? I just had a bottle, really like it, I bought some of those Bawls Mints with it, dropped 3 in for "Fizzing Blue Bawls", this stuff can REALLY wake you up, I was fucking dead all through school today, then I get home, shaboom!
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    "Why Must You Raise The Dead"

    someone posted this image a while back in a thread that someone gravedug, and I want to use it on another forum, so, whoever it was that posted it (or someone that remembers which thread) please post it here, i need it
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    Dude, wtf?

    Some of you guys were complaining about abusive mods at emutalk, wait till you get a load of this.........load
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    Thats alot of porn

    [12:45am] <+Rejk0rrr> i'm going athlon 64bit (was thinking fx but saving money for >>), 5x200gb sata (POSSIBLY 250gb), set up in raid5 so 800gb of space... [12:46am] <+sheik124> Rejk0rrr dude, that hard drive setup is badass [12:46am] <+Tim|Sleep> :O [12:46am] <+sheik124> i have two 120 GB satas...
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    AAC vs MP3 vs Others

    just wondering, what format do you guys (and girls) use to store your music?? personally i use AAC for most of my music, and Apple Lossless for some of the rock that sounds bad when compressed to like 128 kbps.
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    PSP is teh 1337!!!1!!11!!

    this is more of an AIM Quote, and its long, but its still funny to read, also, i replaced the guy's name with *** as to protect his stupidity also, i do know that what i said is completely nintendo fanboi stuff, and i didn't even mean half of it as i plan on getting a PSP once its availible...
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    Blood Rayne 2 Review

    just picked it up at Target for 40 dollars on sale, and i'm more than satisfied i only played the first game briefly, and loved the bloody violent nature of the game, and the fact that it was still fun to play, so i downloaded the PC demo and immediatly went on to buying it Graphics: 7.5/10...
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    Poor guy

    This happened right in front of me on the bus ride to school, we had to cut through a rural area today due to bigass detours, and some guy in a Honda Elephant was pulling out of an RV Park and knocked this poor guy of his bike, wasn't hurt too bad, pics aren't that good either, a v600 isn't...
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    Is Steam as bad as it looks?

    Honestly, I was planning on grabbing Half-Life 2 off newegg for only 40 bucks, or getting it off Steam for the convenience factor, but after hearing about waiting for it to authenticate all your HL2 files, and "phone home" every time you even want to play single player, as well as having steam...
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    Motion Blur and other FB effects

    last I remember, the only plugins capable of this were Glide64, and I think a recently released version of Rice's plugin. with the new cards here (GeForce 6, Radeon X) have any of the GFX plugin devs thought of taking advantage of this?