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PSP Failures


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Nah, they'll just add one of those GBA-manual style warnings with comedy drawing; "Things not to do with your PSP; Do NOT twist the console. Do NOT Fire UMD's at your friends and family. Do NOT adapt this to fire snowballs at people. Do NOT use this as a novel way of removing UMD's from your Playstation(t.m.)Portable(t.m.). Do NOT report this hilarious defect on the internet. Do NOT point out how damn stupid it is that the screen isn't recessed..."
I can see it leading to some upsetting moments when it happens accidentally at important points in the game.

Hold on. I bought a DS. Defect-free portable gaming.


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then go ahead and get one, if you can find one anywhere for 149, most stores are sold out, and they're 190+ on eBay


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Got mine for $150 at Toys-R-Us.. they had like 15 in stock the day before christmas. Totally defect-free.. loving it.