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Blood Rayne 2 Review


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just picked it up at Target for 40 dollars on sale, and i'm more than satisfied
i only played the first game briefly, and loved the bloody violent nature of the game, and the fact that it was still fun to play, so i downloaded the PC demo and immediatly went on to buying it

Graphics: 7.5/10

Its rather expected when good multiplatform games have to be disgraced with presence on the PS2. If this were an XBOX or GameCube exclusive it may have looked better. Movements are really fluid, but Rayne lacks any facial expressions, aside from eye movements. The textures have a little if not unseen amount of jaggies, the level of detail is rather good for a console game. The PC demo does look better, but not to a major extent.

Sound: 8.5/10

In-game Dolby Digital, really spooky when you play it on good speakers in the dark. Although Rayne's shrieks (like if she dies or walks over some fire or something) are rather repetitive, the game is also plagued with cheesy one-liners. Also, when your slaughtering people, sometimes they make rather......"orgasmic" noises.

Gameplay: 9.5/10

Really fun to pick up, hard to put down. Its a really unique type of game, and it defines its self-created genre very well. You have alot of control over what you can do, from getting through acrobatic puzzles, to figuring out how you have to kill people to move on. For example, in one level, you start out in a bar, then a police car crashes in and sets the bottom floor ablaze, so you have to hack your way up to the third story, and then fling people into a fan using your harpoon. Once you've done it enough times, the sloshing human meat breaks the fan and you can jump out.

Replay Value: (from a scale of Horrible, Bad, Fun, Great, Excellent) I'd say Fun, its one of those games that you finish and set aside for when you're bored

Overall (not an average): I'd give it an 8.5/10, its a good game worth picking up, but its also kind of love it or hate it.


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I don't really like Bloodrayne, have the first one. It's alright, has some nifty things about it, but just isn't my style. For one, 3rd person stuff tends to drive me nuts. Maybe I should grab the demo of BR2 and see what's happening huh?


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i'm just wondering, exactly how many user submitted reviews ever get read by the mods and admins, let alone added to emu64 home page, if any of you guys have looked at this please reply