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Dude, wtf?


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Some of you guys were complaining about abusive mods at emutalk, wait till you get a load of this.........load

[11:43pm] <+sheik124> I'm Using Simple Moo Version 2.0! Get it at http://www.instigators.org/scripts/simplemoo.htm
[11:43pm] <+sheik124> OS:[Windows XP] RAM:[533/1024MB (52.05%)] CPU:[1-AMD , 2314MHz, 512KB (14% Load)] Video:[NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 1280x1024 32bit 75Hz] Sound:[NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio] Hard Drive:[C:\ (48.50GB Free, 111.78GB Total), F:\ (4.92GB Free, 38.58GB Total), G:\ (5.52GB Free, 13.60GB Total), H:\ (44.09GB Free, 59.61GB Total), I:\ (43.14GB Free, 111.79GB Total)]
[11:44pm] <@TallestRed> Are you sure you're using simplemoo?
[11:44pm] <+sheik124> ph33r my pc!
[11:44pm] <+sheik124> WTF!!
[11:44pm] <@TallestRed> [System Info] Platform:[ Windows 2K ] Uptime:[ 10 Hours 51 Minutes 51 Seconds ] Record Uptime:[ 2 Weeks 2 Hours 48 Minutes 2 Seconds ] CPU:[ AMD XP, 1403MHz, 256KB (0% Load) ] Memory Usage:[ 481/768MB (62.63%) (||||||----) ] Screen:[ 1152x864 32bit 60Hz ]
[11:44pm] <+sheik124> I DON'T HAVE A GEFORCE FX 5700!!!
[11:44pm] <+sheik124> ITS A 6800 GT U STUPID MOOING BITCH!
[11:44pm] <+LinuxBabe-> im getting an ati raedon x800 =/
[11:45pm] <+sheik124> infidel, nVIDIA owns you
[11:45pm] PRAETORIAN sets mode: +b *!*sheik124@*.Like.Corn
[11:45pm] sheik124 was kicked by PRAETORIAN (---Time out. 5 minutes.--- ‹30›)
[11:45pm] <+sheik124> ok, what was that
[11:45pm] <+sheik124> hey!
[11:45pm] <+sheik124> stop it
[11:45pm] <+sheik124> whats ur problem damnit?
[11:45pm] PRAETORIAN sets mode: -b+b *!*sheik124@*.Like.Corn *!sheik124@*.Like.Corn
[11:45pm] <@PRAETORIAN> fuck sakes
[11:45pm] <+sheik124> whats ur problem!
[11:46pm] sheik124 was kicked by PRAETORIAN (---Bye--- ‹32›)
[11:46pm] <+LinuxBabe-> i dont think ur bans working
[11:46pm] chatavecvolaille sets mode: -e *!*@*
[11:46pm] <@TallestRed> ...
[11:46pm] <@PRAETORIAN> aha!
[11:46pm] sheik124 was kicked by PRAETORIAN (Yes, I have ops ‹33›)

Then it moves to PM

[11:45pm] <sheik124> dude, wtf?
[11:46pm] <PRAETORIAN> {11:49.49 PM>>} <+sheik124> ITS A 6800 GT U STUPID MOOING BITCH!
[11:46pm] <PRAETORIAN> ^ Not cool. :)
[11:46pm] <sheik124> I WAS TALKING TO THE FUCKING SCRIPT :D!
[11:46pm] <sheik124> its called simplemoo!!!
[11:46pm] <sheik124> dude, you have a problem
[11:46pm] <PRAETORIAN> And I care because...?
[11:47pm] <PRAETORIAN> Nope, you do.
[11:48pm] <sheik124> jeez
[11:48pm] <sheik124> get banned for talking to my own specs script
[11:49pm] <PRAETORIAN> It's the way you spoke to it.
[11:49pm] <PRAETORIAN> Now stop arguing before I make the ban permanent.
[11:49pm] <PRAETORIAN> The ban will remove itself in 10 minutes.
[11:49pm] <sheik124> fine
[11:49pm] <sheik124> i wonder what you would've done if it was a person i actually told that to, let alone an inanimate piece of software
[11:50pm] <PRAETORIAN> Same thing.
[11:50pm] <sheik124> ok fine, sheesh


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Uh.. the script isn't just gonna say GeForceFX 5700 for nothing. You know you don't have a 6800GT, admit it. :p

I think what you got was completely justified. You acted like a damned 4 year old in there. :yawn:
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