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Bawls: Pure evil, or pure bliss?

Bawls, what do you think?

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Seriously, how many of you have had it? I just had a bottle, really like it, I bought some of those Bawls Mints with it, dropped 3 in for "Fizzing Blue Bawls", this stuff can REALLY wake you up, I was fucking dead all through school today, then I get home, shaboom!


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I have two whole cases full of it I bought from Compusa. :D Great stuff indeed. It's the only thing that keeps me going during my long late night gaming/modding marathons. :)


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Nearest CompUSA is about an hour away, so I'm pretty much constricted to getting it from ThinkGeek or XOXIDE, cooliscool, how much do they charge for a case?


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Someone please explain what this "bawls" are? what are they? are they useful? Because I don't have any idea of what are you talking about...


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So is made of guarana? I drunk a guarana a few montsh ago, but it wan't bawls, it was a strange soda that I found in a supermarket... it had an strange but not bad flavour. And it was made in Brazil


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They could have chose a better name. If its pronounced the way it looks, I dont want to think about that while I'm eating or drinking.


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what i really wanna know is what people will say when you state you like the taste of ba[w]ls. :whistling

other than that ... never had it, remotely heard of it.