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    1964 0.9.9 - Launch games from batch files

    Hi, I have been trying to get 1964 to launch games using batch files. I previously used 0.8.5 and could launch games the following way: 1964.exe -g D:\Emulation\N64\Games\SuperMario64.z64 This however does not work in 0.9.9 Can anyone assist to get this working?
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    Launching Demul games in XBMC

    Hi All, Wow long time no post here. But I need some help. I have XBMC installed and a launcher program. I have created individual batch files per game and they work perfectly to launch the games as standalone exes. In Dolphin I have made the following to launch Zelda... Dolphin.exe /e...
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    Half Life 2 Problem!!!

    Hi There I have a 16:9 LCD monitor for my PC. I loaded up half life 2 no problem and then went to video options and changed it to 16:9. The monitor then shut down and said mode not supported. I have tried everything including reinstalling the game in order to get it working but obviously i...
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    Emutalk PSO : Blue Burst Team

    Hiya! I recently got this game and was wondering if anyone fancied making a PSO BB team. Let me know Grant 64
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    Dolphin running Bam3000 SLOW!

    Hi - I am running version 1.02 of dolphin and most games it runs at about 8fps! Which is fine! but after scanning the forum realised that many people are actually getting full speed out of Bust-A-Move 3000!!! however i get the same 8fps! Can any one help me to increase the speed of this game...
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    Dolphin! Is It Discontinued!

    Hey all it has been a while but the latest build of dolphin has impressed me a lot! What i want to know is that i read on NGemu this will be a FINAL release, which i presume meant it was dscontinued! then i red that the zelda ww textures are fixed? So what is the statu of this emulator Grant64
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    1 more 6800 Ultra question!

    Hi I have just one last issue with my new graphics card! I borght this one here. Now, it says it has PCI express support? What doe this mean? does this mean in the future that it will fit a PCIX board??? Cheers again Grant
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    GeForce 6800 Ultra HELP!

    hi, today I purchased a Galaxy Geforce 6800 Ultra. But, my motherboard layout means it has to be upside down and the fan makes a horrible noise! When I turn it up the other way it is fine! can anyone help on how to solve this problem as the noise is unbearable!
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    ATI Vs NVidia!

    I have the cash for a brand new top video card but simply cant decide! Can anyone recommend between the Geforce 6800 and ATI X800 XT? Also if you look at a picture of the 6800 it does not have a VGA socket??? How does this connect to my monitor? Many thanks for your help if you can Grant64
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    XBox games readable in theory???

    I was wondering - obviously DC and GC games are not readable in a CD/DVD drive. But PS2 emulators should be able to use original games? Now an XBox game is on a DVD but is not readable, now in theory could software break this problem and make an XBox game readable or is it completely impossible...
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    What is CVS source tree!?!

    I have been trying to read into XBox emulation and noticed over at emulation64 it had a progress update on CXBX it states "we are talking about the CVS version of CXBX" what exactly is this??? An unnofficial Build of Caustiks source? I really have no idea so if someone could help that would be...
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    1964 1.0

    Just a question - Originally 1964 0.99 was meant to preceed 1964 1.00. With 1.0 fixing any problems that arise in 1.0. Was version 1.0 deemed to be unnesscary? Due to the fact that 0.99 was so good? I tried the search engine to find out but had no luck Cheers Grant
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    Dolphin Status!

    Hey, have not herd anything from the dolphin team for a while now and was very impressed. Whast is the currant status of this emulator? Is it still in progress or are the authors taking a break. Cheers Grant64
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    PSOv2 does not boot!

    Hi - I have been trying to run this game for a bit and It always loads as if it is a music CD, it is 100% selfbooting as I have played it on the Original DC!!! Any ideas of a fix/Workaround, Cheers Grant
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    Can anyone get F355 going?

    I read over at NGemu that Ferrari F355 and Virtual On are now working in Chanka! I have tried F355 and the games hangs after the sega screen. Has anyone got this game working. Cheers Grant