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Dolphin! Is It Discontinued!

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Hey all it has been a while but the latest build of dolphin has impressed me a lot! What i want to know is that i read on NGemu this will be a FINAL release, which i presume meant it was dscontinued! then i red that the zelda ww textures are fixed?

So what is the statu of this emulator



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It's in progress, still..

*quote from the thread "Source code?"*
-Wrote by FiRES-
the source code will be released if nobody works on dolphin anymore.
we havnt worked on dolphin for about 8 monthes but since christmas we are back in business.
i have started to clean up the source code because i thought dolphin is dead ... well, i was wrong.

cheers F|RES
*quote done*

And the Zelda WW were fixed by a new guy, yaz0r.
He did alot of bughunting, and if I'm not wrong he rewrote parts of j3d.

Cheers talker

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the "Final" release what out some weeks ago, then a 1.01, then 1.02, 1.03 will be soon. Why the hell you have to ask if it is discontinued after all the new fixed stuff and shots posted in the last days?????

Asking for progress or so close after actual status progress ... pffff


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