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Launching Demul games in XBMC


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Hi All,

Wow long time no post here. But I need some help. I have XBMC installed and a launcher program. I have created individual batch files per game and they work perfectly to launch the games as standalone exes. In Dolphin I have made the following to launch Zelda...

Dolphin.exe /e "D:\Emulation\Gamecube\Games\Zelda - Twiglight Princess.gcm"

NullDC is a little different but works if you set the GD Rom image...

nullDC_1.0.3_mmu -config ImageReader:defaultImage="D:\Emulation\Dreamcast\Games\Shenmue Disk 1.cdi"

Only problem is Null DC doesnt support a pad. So ideally I want to use Demul instead as it does. but I cant get a batch file created to load the game. Any help will be hugely appreciated.



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Thanks, I have tried Xpadder. Problem is though its proving almost impossible to find a keypad combination that doesnt inpact XBMC when I load it. I have found various loaders with no luck.... Any help appreciated.


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Well I've never used XBMC...seems odd for a frontend thats been around as long as that one that you would still be having to use batch scripts.

Anyways you should be able to use my loader: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=49657

Using your example batch:
Loader_Demul.exe "1" "D:\Emulation\D reamcast\Games\Shenmue Disk 1.cdi"

best of luck