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    nJoy v0.3: Multi-controller support.

    Get a copy from here:
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    Dolphin (SVN) Shots

    Please state which plugins you have used and which rev. of Dolphin is used to play the game. New GUI: And remember, play safely!
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    Dolphin (SVN) discussion thread

    Read the announcement here: --- FAQ: Q: How do I enable the dynarec or dualcore mode? I dont see it in the GUI... A: The GUI now uses wxWidgets, many parts have changed. In order to change these settings, open up Dolphin.ini in wordpad and look for...
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    Dolphin Final 1.03.2 x64 Public Beta (single/dualcore support) - Shots

    *** POST HERE ANY SCREENSHOTS YOU HAVE FROM THE LATEST x64 BETA 2 release *** Please state your system specifications and performance in Dolphin64
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    Dolphin Final 1.03.2 x64 Public Beta (single/dualcore support)

    I guess some guys thought we never would update this page again ;)... Last year the Dolphin Beta testing team (CKemu/Chaoscode/Knuckles) already posted shots of Dolphin 1.03.2 x64 which also has dualcore support. Original thread link: Well finally you...
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    SSF 0.08 alpha r2 - Compat List US region games

    Category: <b>Saturn</b><br><br>Flow`` from saturn shack just released his compatibility list of SSF 0.08 alpha r2. You can find the compatibility list here. His notes: • All netlink games crash, go figure. • I don't have Winning Post so it was the only game not tested. • All games are US...
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    General PS3 thread

    This thread is for the purpose of discussing interest in the PS3 ONLY. If you don't have an interest in it, you shouldn't post here. I don't want another console war like that last thread ( ), but PS3 fans deserve a thread, just like fans...
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    Vista Beta 2 Public Today!

    It seems that the public beta's are online: grab it whilst you can :P x86 version x64 version you need a live! account to obtain the key, but I guess that won't be a problem for you guys ;) it seems that the servers are a bit overwhelmed by requests so to obtain...
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    PCSX2 0.9 released

    Category: <b>Playstation 2</b><br><br>As promised by lead developer Saqib, PCSX2 has been released 0.9 this weekend. Due some site troubles we had some delay, but now the moment has finally come: <b>Update</b>: Updated the download to the latest release that should help with some problems...
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    pSX emulator released

    Category: <b>Playstation</b><br><br>It seems that a new promising Sony Playstation emulator has arrived: This is what the readme says: pSX emulates the Sony Playstation 1, pretty much everything is emulated (to my knowledge) and most games run perfectly. One thing that should be noted is that...
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    Dolphin Final 1.03 BETA Release Shots

    Please post your Dolphin Final 1.03 BETA Release Shots here. ofcourse you can find the list of supported games here: and our selection of screenshots here:
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    Hurting people with a ban...

    Hi fellow moderators ;), did you know you ruin a life each time you ban a person? Banned-from-the-forum So next time before you go on a banning spree, think of this guy... hehehe i enjoy banning :whistling j/k
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    Show me your camera/shots

    Since yesterday i'm a happy owner of an ixus40. Haven't tried all functions out yet but here are a few samples: 1. Me, my cam and a mirror ;) * (yea i know, it's unsharp :p ) 2. Macro-shot of some weird plant * 3. Macro-shot of some weird cactusplant * It would be nice if you guys could post a...
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    nJoy v0.2 released!

    Hi, I decided to release my input plugin for Dolphin: <font class=post_quote> Quoted from Today I proudly release my input plugin for Dolphin. The plugin uses SDL so you will need to download SDL and put it in the root folder of Dolphin. ( Currently...
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    JNES 0.6 Released!

    JNES 0.6 has been released. Comments of Jabo: <font class=post_quote>This is a pretty good release, it has quite a few of the enhancements people requested, not everything, read the docs for the specifics. I'd like to thank everyone who's given feedback, and specifically IceFox and Nick_kidid0...