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nJoy v0.2 released!


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I decided to release my input plugin for Dolphin:
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Quoted from www.falcon4ever.com:
Today I proudly release my input plugin for Dolphin.
The plugin uses SDL so you will need to download SDL and put it in the root folder of Dolphin. (http://www.libsdl.org/).

Currently only controller one is supported, others are internally disabled by Dolphin so I decided not to enable them in nJoy either.
This plugin supports joypads/joysticks only. If you prefer the keyboard, just use the default plugin instead ;).

Images for this plugin were provided by CoDeX (About) and vEX (Config).
More information can be found in the readme.txt which is included in the zip file.
Have fun and enjoy,

Download nJoy: nJoy v0.2
Download SDL: SDL 1.2

* Note, since every GC emu works with its own plugin specs, you can't use this plugin on other GC emu's
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hu.. This new plugin looks great!!! hhuu.. I see it looks like I'm going to need a joystick to play with dolphin.
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Superb Work Falc. Really great to be able to play Dolphin with a pad.