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Dolphin Final 1.03.2 x64 Public Beta (single/dualcore support)


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I guess some guys thought we never would update this page again ;)...

Last year the Dolphin Beta testing team (CKemu/Chaoscode/Knuckles) already posted shots of Dolphin 1.03.2 x64 which also has dualcore support.
Original thread link: http://emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=39432

Well finally you can test this version aswell, however there are a few general notes:
- Remember that this version is a PRIVATE BETA version.
- This means it is less stable than Dolphin 1.02, USE AT OWN RISK.
- This version requires a 64bit operating system (either Windows XP64 or Vista64)
- The graphics/audio plugins haven't been upgraded.
- Due core changes some games might run better, some might run worse or not at all
- Speed is now CPU dependant, dualcore is obviously helps a lot.

Quote from Chaoscode: "SSBM is 100% playable with 100% speed on my crappy computer."

Enjoy this Public beta testing release, and...
don't forget to thank ector & F|RES in this thread!

- Falcon4ever

BETA 3 now aswell available =]
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zomfg woo I was waiting for that one!!!..

...oh wait.... I already have it since ever ... doh :p


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amazing! my heartrate was going out of control when i saw this, can't wait to try it out eventually!!! :D thanks ector and F|RES! I hope that 30-day Windows XP x64 trial is still available...


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Just gave it a quick test, nice speed improvements all around, good work cheers for the release.


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I just wonder if it can play twilight princess as Ector said that was almost at full speed.

Congratulations to Ector, F|RES and the beta tester team.
I'm only getting about 8-9 fps on the single core 64bit version with SSBM with a AMD64 3200+ @2.2GHZ, although it seems to be running faster than that.

Ma Chao

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Hurray, a new Dolphin release! But wait, I don't have a 64bit OS... d'oh!

Oh well, nice to an update to this emulator, keep up the good work :)


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smbb runs away... the game is to fast...

and i've a problem with mkdd - i can't get a clear picture


any idea?


8800 GTS
E6300 @ 3,3 Ghz
2 GB of RAM
WinXP x64


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When you're ingame, go in the video plugin options, turn off shaders.. enabled "overlay some statistics". go back ingame, then return in the video config and turn back off the statistics... it won't be as pretty but it will be clearer,


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Ok thanks for this greaaaatttt release.

with dynarec option on my mono core amd 3500+ @2,5Ghz with a 6600 GT
SMS runs at 25fps .... just no sound ...... doesn't like my old audigy 2 zs maybe ...

great work, sorry for my frenchy english :blush:


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Thank you!

Thank you very much for all of your hard work! I am amazed at what you have accomplished.

Does anyone know of a method to lower the frame rate to a reasonable speed? I know there is not frame limit option, but is that the only means to do so?


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Dolphin is not dead, thx for this very great news.
But wait, oh no f... , i have not 64bits OS. :down:
I will waiting for try this beta. thank you Dolphin team for your great works.