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JNES 0.6 Released!


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JNES 0.6 has been released. Comments of Jabo:

<font class=post_quote>This is a pretty good release, it has quite a few of the enhancements people requested, not everything, read the docs for the specifics.

I'd like to thank everyone who's given feedback, and specifically IceFox and Nick_kidid0 for doing some early availability testing.

Surely the biggest thing in my mind from this release is the new cheats system, PAR cheats are now supported and in the database. I'd like to thank Gent for all his very good work, this release and the cheat system wouldn't have been possible without him.</font>

You can download JNES 0.6 here: Jnes 0.6
Feedback can be posted in this thread: Comments/Feedback
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