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    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
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New Mario 64 Djipi Mod 2008

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Zelda CelShade Producer
Thanks all^^.

Peach Castle inside and outside is FINISH and level one too ^^.
Just a little shot ^^



New member
I like both styles, but I think the older style looks a bit washed out compared to the newer one. Also, the carpet looks more maroon than red in both styles. I just think it would complement the brighter walls if it were a lighter red.


annoying you for over a year!
i liked the old ones, but they looked realer, and since this ais a cell pack...
and still its djipis choice.


Mupen64Plus Dev.
I personally like this much better including the new walls. Great job on the improvements.


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hmm, I just noticed the door. It looks very appealing and matches the style you are going for. Keep it up Djipi, this pack will give the players a much much more cleaner feel to the game.


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Excellent work, once again. I love how the colors are so vibrant and bright! I noticed you used your first design for the castle walls instead of the most recently posted design. Did you decide to stick with that or is it still undecided?

Thanks for all the work you've done on this pack :D


Vectrex Fanboy
I think you should use screenshots for the paintings djipi, rather than drawings...

Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of it being a painting then?

Although, I must say, I do not like the basement wall textures, Djipi. It's way to claustrophobic for me.


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Is this still in progress. To me, this is the only texture for super mario 64 worth getting. Is there a download anywhere?
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