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New Demul Loader


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Nogo, Nologic.

Now it is the loader itself that produces an error:

Line 8496 (File "D:\Games\Sammy Atomiswave\demul056 SSE2\Loader_Demul.exe"):

Error: Array variable has incorrect number of subscrips or subscript dimension range exceeded.

Same error as before, different line. :evil:

I'll stay tuned.



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Okay you got this running what DC or Arcade?...and what type of file?

What does your command line look like?...and what FE?


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I was trying to run Dolphin (Atomiswave). It is a zip file from the latest MAME ROM set and it runs fine when launched through the emulator's GUI.

I'm not launching through the FE yet, until I can get it working so I'm launching from a Windows (XP) command prompt.

Here is what the command line looks like:
D:\Games\Sammy Atomiswave\demul056 SSE2>loader_demul "D:\Games\Sammy Atomiswave\roms\dolphin.zip"

I've tried with/without: quotes, extension names, path, etc. but it always gives me that message, even if I don't specify a rom at all.


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Never mind.
I just realized it is the first thing spelled out in your instructions in this post. When I saw first, I ignored it because I thought that was specific to Atomic Front End.
But now I know...
...and knowing is half the battle


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a question, it works very well with advmenu but will have to work with Hyperspin, thanks for your response nologic :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:


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Well it'll work with HyperSpin but HS doesn't behave like most FE's...so you'll have to learn a little bit of AHK (AutoHotKey) to be able to pass the correct strings to the loader.

I am working on doing an AI (AutoIt) version of HyperLaunch that will likely include some or most of my Demul loader code...but its at least a few days out before being done...if that soon.

However djvj put together a nice bit of code for HyperSpin that should work well enough for now.


So be sure to give that a spin for the interim. Hell may find it to work as well or better than what I have.


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hide scrip

thanks. autohotkeys. but not how to hide the scrip you show it to you to give an eye ..:party:

SplashImage, C:\juegos\arcade\5\0.gif
sleep, 100
Run c:\juegos\arcade\5\5.exe
WinWait, NAOMI emulator,
Send, {F10}{ALTDOWN}fl{ALTUP}
Send, ggxx.dat{ENTER}
sleep, 200
SplashImage, Off


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Sorry I can't really be of any help debugging AHK scripts as I know very little about them. :(


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it works well with ahk hs. but I like to hide the load, so not everything can be. I have CPS3, Model2, zinc, naomi into one list is selected by means of hs LANs. cmd with the bad works 100% ..

then i buy you a beers..:party: :party:

sorry for traslate..


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loader demul 5.6 does not work

hello, the version of loader 5.6, does not work in advmenu, selects the game and 5 seconds after the screen returns to selecion.

emulator "11" generic "D:\GameXtation\11\Loader_Demul.exe" "2 %s"
emulator_roms "11" "D:\GameXtation\11\roms"
emulator_roms_filter "11" "*.zip"
emulator_altss "11" "D:\GameXtation\snap"

thanks for your help

Edit: now works, but has 2 bugs

1. when it selects the game, if gamepad: the right, left, up or down.
no fullscreen
2. The video plugin is in gpuDXv3, but for low-income pc is better gpuOGLv3 plugin

if you can modify it this to the scrip, it would be good. or another vesion with these changes

Thanks for your time
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