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MedGui Reborn v0.123 is released!

MedGui Reborn ia a Windows Front-End/Gui for Mednafen multi-system emulator.


– Fixed wrong disabled groupbox on MedClient
– hidden the link to BSFree due to link not available anymore
– Disabled horizontal overscan area option on PCE_FAST module (thx skalt711 for report the bug)
– Fixed relative path problem (thx ZzackK for bug report)
– Fixed a bug with wrong stored record codec parameter (thx ZzackK for bug report)
– Fixed a bug with psx game with multiple « [ » on cheat manager
– Fixed a bug with sbi patch path
– Changed icon showed on m3u detection
– Added MedClient load at Startup (thx ZzackK for suggestion)
– On MedClient swapped « Utra Crappy IRC » with « qwebirc » by webbrowser component, due to any bugs encountered on IrcClient.dll (many many thx to ZzackK for report bugs and test)
– Fixed a crash at launch of MedPad that appear when datagridview is empty
– Changed gamesdatabase URL
– Changed http reference to https

[MedPad – Changes]
– Converted scancodes to a humanly readable output (thx skalt711 for suggetion)
– Fixed a very stupid error on « per-config » creation, that caused stderror log on Mednafen
– Made the output message that appears after creating a specific config file more understandable
– Added a function to set default input device for selected console and player
– Showed Default input assigned to Mednafen