What's new

Hypseus Singe v2.11.1 is released!

Hypseus is a fork of Daphne created by Matt Ownby . It's an SDL2 version of Daphne and Monkey.
This is a program for playing Laserdisc arcade games on PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi.
This version includes support for Singe and Singe2 for Fan Made and American Laser Games.

Features :
  • SDL2 support
  • Updated MPEG2 decoder
  • Daphne VLDP 32bit upgrade
  • Daphne and Singe 4k M2V support
  • Singe libretro emulation path integration
  • Singe Joystick, Lightgun EV_ABS [mouse] support
  • Singe 2 full 32bit overlay support (details below)
  • Sinden support in Singe games
  • For Singe games list see here.
  • Daphne alternate overlay choices
  • SDL_GameController (including hotplug) support: config
  • Advanced configuration and multi-joystick support: config
  • Software ‘lair/ace’ original scoreboard: preview
  • 64bit Windows and MacOS X Ports


– Full logical viewport placement of the game window is now implemeted.
– Stern: Goal to Go (1983) emulation is now supported via ROM gtg.
– GPWorld has playability improvements including [non authentic] samples.
– Bilinear scaling is now off by default. Re-enable with -linear_scale
– Singe legacy overlay functions have been removed from codebase: (See notes).
. -shiftx and -shifty can now use the whole logical viewport.
– Badlands ‘Shoot Lamp’ notification has changed from txt to sprite.
– Daphne overlay vertical_shift values are now observed.
– Singe 2 Framework folder no longer needs .daphne extention when used with -retropath.
– Scanlines with incremental shunt + value shown, when using Alt-Backspace.
– screen number is displayed when using -scorepanel and KEY_TILT
. -fvalue Singe argument added for game dev tools: Frameviewer
– Usage information will be displayed if hypseus is run without arguments.
– F4 is set, by default, for Singe 2 ‘Save/Load’ config alignment.
– 8bit overlay switching should be fixed…
– ‘Us vs Them’ attract mode fixed.
– Various other overlay improvements.