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Here it is, the Unofficial Daedalus D3D8 plugin binary


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Just like StrmnNrmn, I would like to get the plugin out, then I can start to merge the two different versions of the Daedalus D3D plugin, StrmnNrmn version and my version.

Another reason for me to do this release is because I need to a take some rest, to ease myself from sitting before the computer the whole day and do nothing but typing code.

Just like the name of the plugin, Daedalus D3D8 0.08, D3D8 = DirectX/Direct3D 8.0+, so you need DirectX 8.0 or 8.1 to use this plugin.

It is developed with Geforce2 video card only, for other video card, I believe there will be few or many combiner (Alpha blending) problem because different video card is implemented DirectX support differently.

There are many improvement in this version by comparing to my earlier version (the unofficial DaedalusD3D 0.7b), though speed could be slower because DirectX 8.0+ is somehow slower than DX7, or just because I have added many things and have never done good optimization. I am using PIII-600/512M RAM/Geforce2 system, the speed is ok for me for most games, some games are really slow for reason to be studied.

Major improvements are Sprite2D, S2DEX, texture handling, new ucodes (used to be unknown), plus StrmnNrmn's new automatic ucode detecting, of course, a lot of bug fixes.

You should expect many games that were used to miss text, menu or graphics, are now running more or less better, or just playable now. I don't want to make a list, but I have post some screen shots in another thread, which covers some of these games.

Don't expect everything working as you expected, because you might have expected too much.

Pay attention to some of the new options in the configuration dialog box, especially the "Smart Screen Update" option. It is turned off by default, but many of the improved games need it to be on, so if a game should work but you see just a black/white screen, stop the game, turn the option on and restart the game.

There are other known problem. One of them is the plugin can only play a few games, then it starts to report DirectX error. Then you need to restart your emu, so the refresh the plugin. I hope I can fix this problem soon, it is caused some of the DirectX resources are not released correctly.

It is about it, so try it yourself, don't blame if it doesn't work because it is a unofficial one, and it is WIP.



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Only tested it with 1964, it should work with other emulators.


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ok theres a really weird bug this is causing with 1964. basically some games, like kirby64 and killer instinct gold (both (U)) [!] ) freeze the emu with a blank screen. not quite sure wats going on there. n e way congrats on the release.


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Nice work,Rice. :) and I hope that in the next releases of your plugin you will correct the 2D bug of evangelion64 and resident evil2... please! ;)


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Fullscreen doesn´t work

Yes, i can´t get fullscreen to work with the plugin...

neither alt+enter or manually by clicking "fullscreen" in the menubar...

any hints ?



Joe Silvera
It's Fu****G Great Thx..;

Good Idea to release WIP , even if it's not complete It's allow us to test all ur progress !
VEry nice rice ! Congratulations, we are waiting for the next release ! :)


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This is an excellent plug-in, massive congratulations go to StrmnNrmn (for the bulk of the code) and to Rice for doing the modification of the plug-in. I can't wait to see what you both manage to come up with next!


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I cannot quite believe in what this plugin is achieving: a lot of games like the above mentioned EVA64 and RE2 are FINALLY displaying some 2D: some other fixes, and this could become the perfect N64 plugin. GREAT WORK! Tnx to both Rice and StrmnNrmn for such a thing, keep on!


Unfortunaly, to say, it's running very slow :(
It's running around 30 fps on castlevania (a small game).
And full screen doesn't work. Whenever you try to enter it, it tells of an error and the emu stops responding.

I have tried this is both pj and 1964.


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Because I am in the middle of merging with StrmnNrmn's code, it does not make much sense to release the source now. If you want it, email me and I will send to you.


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Good Work and Screenshots

Rice, Good Work, this plugin is fantastic

1964: dont work fullscreen, it´s a bit slow, you have to refresh the plugin. (extinted 1964 0.8.3c)

Pj64: dont work fullscreen, its faster, you dont have to refresh the plugin, less compatibility, example: Cruis USA.