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    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
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FZERO-X Hi-ReZ Pack!


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Hi All I am from France.(sorry for my english...)

My objectives was to shutdown the music in FzeroX so i have found the track éditor for this and then (the same day), i was found hi-rez on N64 is possible ^^

So my first try was on FzeroX :D i have mixed up all the pack that i have found on the web and made some works in paint :p.

The Good ll be to have a hi-rez pack combined with a hacked rom (custom tracks accordly with the new désign...) all in good package with a good Notice for the FzeroFans :p.

So here my work i have posted all of my work here ,feel free to comment And it's just Some W.I.P (didn't released because it's also u're work...)



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Ok great.....But you might want to use a better quality image editor than Paint. Gimp is ok for the purpose, or preferably if you have it of course Adobe... But keep it up. I would love to see this game retextured finally.


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Me too!

So kiwi, you've done the HUD! Maybe some day it will be complete. :)

I see more but I don't know what it sais, help me?



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Thx guys for u're answers u are really more fast than the french guys on emuline :=)
(i work on tekken and fzero at this time and it seems that theire is not interest in my works.U can check my work on tekken3 online here: http://www.emuline.fr/site/modules/...=5&PHPSESSID=b37418a7ce8de409eb68ad0646974af9

So i recame to FZX:

Gitech u have said u're done the Hud? i have only take the carcter and dropped of some éléments (like: lap ,pos, time and make the energy bar simply)
So in fact it's easy to change the HUD the Only things that i haven't succeded is to change the speedometer (i can change only one digit :(
All other élements can be easyly changed (i mean sceneries, tracks and stickers on ships).

For Paint i used it because i like the "simple" but i have adobe CS4.

So i have a question: do u guys know on CS4 if it's possible to take an old texture and to change it in hi-rez?(it's my first day on cs4 :p)

Gitech i am ok for to help cause i work since two complete days in FzeroX and the hard has been to understand the files format correct names etc... texture edition was really fast ,but now i can focus on this...
So u're red frame are very good in white and i have dropped some horizontal lines...

U have said also that u don't understood the topic in emuline my purpose was to schow u the screenshots but i think i'll be continue the project here.
I think u haven't see all the shots because i have worked on tracks too:=)
Just scroll down there's 4or5 screenshots.

Betwwen i like the fact in FZEROX that with 2 texture u can completely change the track aspect.


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Yeah it should be a pretty easy game to retexture. It would be quite a challenge to do the backgrounds though - to me the tracks weren't a big deal because they were so fast anyway that you didn't notice how bad the textures were. But the backgrounds need a complete redoing. The guy who began this texture pack already started on some of the backgrounds like in Mute City.


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It would be quite a challenge to do the backgrounds though - to me the tracks weren't a big deal because they were so fast anyway that you didn't notice how bad the textures were. But the backgrounds need a complete redoing.

Yes i am completely agree with you road is not the most important for now.But like u see in my screenshots white road give a new feeling to the game...

If i know how to convert old textures in HR with cs4 maybe i 'll can make like this beautifull background doing in mute city.
So for now i have imported a texture and make some cyan graph with paint on it:


And 2 others:

I Need to reinstal motogp07 for the girl in Tokyo;)

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