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Djipi Cell Update 2011


Zelda CelShade Producer

Today i would like to present to you the 2011 Update screen for the cell Zelda Pack .

Kokiri Forest is totally redone because i think it was the place that was horrible . i correct some texture bug too on the other place , i redone some texture to keep the original style of ocarina of time .

Here's some shot of the work already done ^^ . Enjoy ^^









Zelda Hi-Res Texturer
Saria's face looks amazing, glad to see you sticking with that style for the faces!


Zelda CelShade Producer
Thanks all . Mollymutt , my zelda game advance very slowly . I work on cell Zelda pack 2011 and an other new N64 Pack ^^


New member
I didn't think you could make this look any better, but you've done it again. What talent. Just amazing.

Can't wait until it's released and then I will finally replay OoT.

One thing though, is there anything that you can do while you're working on the pack to make all the textures show up in Master Quest?

Oh and I agree that Saria's face is just right now. Hope you extend that style to all other faces, including Link's.


New member
Wonderfull work!
I've played OOT with your pack several times and it's much funnier!
Now with this update I'll be happy to play OOT again.
By the way, I was wondering if you were going to add backgrounds this time. :drool:
Good Luck!
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The Dave

New member
It would be really great id mdtauk worked with you on the pre-rendered backgrounds. As absolutely fantastic as your pack is it's just that one thing that takes you out of the complete experience, and his early renders really seemed to compliment your style.

Thanks for all your work I think you keep this community alive (for what little life is left!).