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Cloudscapes' Super Mario 64 texture pack thread..


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I remade the princess peach stained glass window:



I also made some interface icons:




including all of the Numbers:



and some mario textures...


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Hi, I noticed that nobody has done hi-res images of the fish in the game, so i went and done my first hi-res textures, hope you'll like it. I'd like that you guys comment about my textures. thx
PS. Cloudscapes, you may add them to your next release if you like them.
PS2. sorry if my english isn't good :p .


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Nice work! They look good , but...........not like the original. It looks like a different type of fish now.
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Zelda Hi-Res Texturer
I have a texture from Super Smash Bros Melee, you may want to use...
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thanks for your great work
but it seems that v003 and v005 are corrupted files.
I can't completely download them, can someone repost them or upload them somewhere?


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There's a 2MB download limit. We have to wait for someone to change the limit. Check the 2meg download limit thread.


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It's been a while since i've posted my last texture pack here and i wanted to ask you guys what you think of the new textures i added. Primary they are all Photo-Textures, so that i thougt of creating a new "Photo-Mario" Pack. I don't know if i like them very mutch, but i worked hard on them (especially on the sky background which was updated and looks better now.
What do you think?

Im thakful for all kinds of constructive critism and ofcourse positive feedback :) .

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I don't think it looks good. It doesn't fits the game at all, maybe if you use realistic textures that are more similar to the original (like using pines for the trees).


Ah, come on. They're not bad at all. The original textures looked like crap compared to this!


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I don't think it looks right with realistic backgrounds among other things. What if you just switched out textures from Super Mario Sunshine?