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Cell Zelda MOD Update!!!!!!


Zelda CelShade Producer
Hi all!!!​

:party: Here it is!!!!! THE FINAL CELL ZELDA UPDATE ! !

Be carrefull , the Pack is a little difficult (oh well) to install , Be sure that you read the Text on the pack!!!!

Comment , Screen , all you want , mirror post Here please!!!

This is my last pack for the cell Version . All texture is FINISH . If you have texture who not appear , then you don't have install well the Update. Take your time to install it and you will enjoy by it.



Emulation Fanatic
1st! Thank you so much Djipi! This is an amazing and groundbreaking pack, you have done an excellent job to improve a true classic, and o boy, did you improve it, it is just mind blowing. I wish you luck on further projects, and keep up the amazing work!:bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy:
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Yeah I see, I installed it, and I don't have the textures for the Market Place when you're adult, and the Market Place when you're kid isn't working great, only some of the textures are shown. Does this happen to you?


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WHOA! Absolutely stunning, what I see is pretty much current-gen graphics - it's breathed new life into this awesome game. Let's give this guy a round of applause! :bouncy:


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Well could someone .rar or .tar.gz2 his hi_res folder and upload it somewhere, so that we have the COMPLETE thing? It would be pretty helpful for everyone, including newbies!


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I did exactly what it said, but still it doesn't work. But that's probably because the Djipi release I have dates back from December or something like that. If someone could make one, it would be awesome!


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Ok, enough. We can help you, but not here. This is not a help thread, i want everyone to understand that. Djipi posted his update here, and we will post pics or some words of appreciation, but thats all. Go somewhere else.


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thanks djipi!!! i stopped playing zelda with your first mod since you told us about your update. and ive been waiting impatiently since then for this release. your are the best and this is an incredible work youve done. merci beaucoup!


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congratulations Dijipi, It looks awesome, I'll keep both packs, the first one and the updated one though, I loved them both and they are... well, slightly diferent


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AleX_XelA said:
Calm down, I didn't know you were a Mod... Also, if I get help, I can mirror the pack easily so thanks.
No no, i´m not a mod!:unsure:It´s just that Djipi has made two similar threads in the past, which are filled with a lot of questions that doesn´t help the project at all. I just want this thread to be "clean"


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Hey can we get a working link to the original pack? I belive all the links are broken. Either that or somone link up a full install of the pack.


Thanks, your work is wonderfull :bouncy:
The game is more beautifull than ever ...

Do you think you will make the same for the "Major Mask" ? ;)