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  • Most issues reported these days stem from users not enabling their emulators to use the required amount of RAM.
    We also tend not to use the search feature but post our issues within the texture pack release page.
    Failure to load a texture pack should not be posted in the release thread unless you have already patched the emulator.

    If you don't have the resources to use Large/HD texture packs please do not attempt to do so.
    Users should have a minimum amount of System RAM not less then 4GB's.
    If you have less then 4GB's of RAM do not post about how your emulator crashes,
    RAM is dirt cheap so invest some money into your PC.

    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
    for posting this Solution.
  • As members seem to have a problem reading the release threads:

    Djipi's packs are built for the (Glide64 finale) Plugin. Nolonger supported!
    Djipi's packs are built for the (GlideN64) Plugin.
    These two Plugins are two completely different pieces of code.

    GlideN64.HTC archived packs locked by Djipi are not compatible with use on Glide64, Rice video, nor Jabo video.

    Glide64.DAT archived packs locked by Djipi are not compatible with use on GlideN64, Rice video, nor Jabo video.

    Djipi has never made a pack for use with Rice video and never will. any packs found in this format are not authorized!

    GlideN64 is the new standard and only requires an Radeon 6XXX.
    This is a somewhat older GPU and should be readily available.
    Do everyone a favor and upgrade!

Castlevania LOD Hi-res Texture Pack WIP



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Thanks, I have involved myself with Fpse for Android Beta testing. So for now, CLOD is on the back burner again. Too bad the thread got over 1000 views before a post like yours was made...

Thank you with all my heart. Posts are the only payback asked for these Texture packs that take thousands of hours to create
(3500+ hours for CLOD so far), and the only thing that keeps forums like these alive, soooo...

I will post something at some time.. Knowing little to nothing will come of it for myself..

Thanks again, really,

Maybe I will send you via PM when I'm ready...


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Ahhhh a real shame that your not going to continue back on this, you have done some absolutely fabulous texture work and the shear amount of effort you have put into it is crazy.
Hope to see you back in the texturing scene again one day!


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Thank you.

Why is this a re-occurring theme? ;)

Let's change the culture!... ?

From here, the possibilities are endless, nowadays..

And on a related/off topic discussion (not really).. why not kickstarter/etc..? ;)



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haha :p seems to happen to everyone in the nintendo 64 scene from what ive seen XD
haha if only we could :)

ooooooh would be pretty interesting to see if a kickstarter would actually gain much interest at all :p / Couldnt think of a way to actually sell people on it besides showing them a comparision between the original textures and what your capable of doing >.<


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Yeah, N64 emulation has been cursed for like 10 years now (Zilmar). A tragedy that is now etched into history for all to be disappointed by, sad. This is how I've felt for a long time.

N64 emulation/community is one the things I have encountered in my life that makes me think "I hate humanity".

I wish a dedicated team would would gather and really do the N64 justice, like the Dolphin devs!

I was really hoping to drum up some activity with CLOD and then attempt to probe that crowd for help/support to get Body Harvest working fully so I could continue/finish work on its' retexture pack. I have beaten BH on console and emulation several times, so I'm pretty familiar with the intricacies of its' issues. Who, oh who in this world could fix Body Harvest? It's 2014 and anything is possible! I would even attempt to drum up funds to give to whoever completes N64 emulation.

That's what this scene needs. Money! Money in exchange for work/goods/art/development to provide means and motivation.

Not just lurkers only waiting to get something for absolutely nothing.

Why did this community reject $$$ as a working system to facilitate progress from the beginning? Fears of legal repercussions? The kindness of their hearts? Whatever it was/is, I think it's been a foolish decision.

Like I said, it's 2014 people.. lets do this! (I am fully aware that I am most likely just talking to myself).


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Sorry that I didn't respond sooner, then! I'm afraid that I don't check around here too often. I'll be paying attention to this thread now, at least... I still look forward to when you post something.

I can't remember the last time I played Body Harvest. It was years ago. But I'm always interested in seeing how texture packs really change a game, if that means anything. :)

A kickstarter would certainly be interesting.
I don't think I've been around long enough to know why money as a working system was rejected, but from what I've seen on other projects and sites, I would assume that it's due to fear of legal repercussions. Emulation is still a bit of a gray area.

I wish I had the skills to help, but I'm still learning C++. Until then, I'll have to continue watching you talk to yourself. ;)


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haha yeah :p I remember having a good chat with Zilmar about everything, and about the reason he made Project 64 donationware at one point. He wanted to try and make enough money to have a living off of it so he could actually spend the time needed working on the emulator, much like Gonetz wants to do with his kickstarter idea.
Hmmm yeah agreed with you, one thing the N64 community seems to be lacking seriously is a unified community, theres no big bunch of people that want to all work on the same project to make the best possible emulator or plugin.

Out of interest what are the problems that you have with Body Harvest???

haha yeah, mind you I have had a few people donate me a nice little amount of money ^_^ (Very kind souls)


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I'm sorry. I'm in a bit of a bad place. I am trying to get my thoughts together.

Don't be mad, please.


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Hi, I'm new to N64 emulation and I was wondering if someone could help me with something. I recently tried playing C:LOD with Project 64. I was wondering if it was possible to use the current finished version of this texture pack with Proj64. I downloaded v 1.1 from the first post and found that it didn't have the cache file to work with the glide 64 plugin. gitech, I hope things are going well with you and that you will be able to some day finish this absolutely awesome looking texture pack.
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