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Banjo Kazooie Retexture


This is my Banjo Kazooie retexture. I'm almost done with the beginning place thing (don't know the name of that place:p)

anyway, here are some screens


Ind. Design Student
Good start. It can improve, but looks quite nice indeed :)

Keep it up! (And update whenever you can :saint:)


Vectrex Fanboy
It's a tad bit empty, but its a good foundation to start on! Congrats for doing another game other than Zelda/Mario! Keep it up!


thank you for all the comments. And the style of this pack is like cel-shade but more basic and less details. I'm done with the most parts of the spiral mountain and will soon begin on grunty's lair:).


Emulation Fanatic
Well, i certantly like the look of it, it kinda fit..It´s a good game too, fits great with cheese popcorn..trust me..


Here's the first pack. Some textures are missing but it's just the less important ones, like the flowers.
not bad. those screens are nice. but i cant help but feel that its a bit plain.. like it could use a little detail on the solid color textures. but thats just me.


At your service, dood!
Nice effort but i'm going to be a harsh critic and say that I don't like it, it is too how should I put it: Simple for my liking.

Mojo Man!!!

texture thief
Everyone has to start somewhere and I think you have a great start on making textures. Keep up the work and next thing you know you'll be make textures like Kman's and as long as you like your pack, nothing else matters.


Yes good idee :D
But it's a tad bit empty ... Cell does not want to tell : empty texturing lol
Add juste little detail ;)


Brazillian EmuTalk Member
I liked both styles!
They are great!
Just the fence in banjo's house needs some work.
Really cool!!


Emulation Fanatic
Really REALLY good work! My only complaint (two actually) is the one stated above, and the colour of Grunty´s lair. I think the colour is a bit..wrong. But other then that, spectacular work! I just want to say before i go: Remember that this is The_nameless´ thread. Remember that. I don´t think you should post anything else without asking him. If you join forces then thats good, but remember who´s the man behind this thread.


New member
Well than, why not start your own thread Rastaman360? They're both the same game, but done by different people with different styles. I think it should be ok to start another thread, but I'm no mod.

And the cel-shading stuff by The_nameless is really good. Needs a bit more detail, but still good.