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Attract-Mode v2.6.2 released!

Attract-Mode v2.6.2 is released. Attract-Mode is a graphical front-end for command line emulators such as MAME, MESS and Nestopia. It hides the underlying operating system and is intended to be controlled with a joystick, gamepad or spin dial, making it ideal for use in arcade cabinet setups. Attract-Mode is open source and runs on Linux, Mac OS-X and Windows.


- Raspberry pi support. Thanks to nitrogen_widget for digging into this and helping to get it up and running!
- Multiple monitor support (Windows and Linux)
- Artwork scraper added to automatically download missing snapshots, marquees, wheel logos, flyers, boxart and even fanart images.
- Improved support for different image formats.
- Spanish translation (thanks Seru!)
- Added fade effect module for layouts (see reflect layout and the fanart background option in cools' layout)

Attract-Mode Changelog:
Andrew Mickelson (20 commits)
Update to version 2.6.2
[linux] fixed window mode strech, fixed crash with no xinerama
Issue #678 - Fix for search bug submitted by Yaron2019
Reset the internal path cache when images/videos are scraped
Switched background image loading off by default, fixed bugs
Fix compile for certain libavutil versions, fixed compiler warnings
Issue #179 - Added background image loading, image caching
Don't present user with config options that are unsupported on their system
Separate FeWindow from the underlying sf::RenderWindow
Added ability to clear any default shaders that are presently loaded
Updated swf code to release its sf::Context when swf no longer in use
Issue #605 - fix for titles that contain semicolons ";"
[Windows] Issue #610 - Fixed loading defailt config with unicode path
Issue #614 - fix back to back transitions (startupmode=display_menu)
[linux] Added support for running with DRM/KMS instead of X11
Changes to avoid initializing OpenGL at global scope before main()
Issue #602 - fix last artwork being shown when file is missing
Cache artwork paths
arzoo1 (1 commits)
Update LEDBlinky.nut
Chase Cobb (1 commits)
Adding mmal support for Pi 4 (#618)
CommanderCoder (1 commits)
Generating a Romlist on Mac was causing problems because it added 'pause_hotkey' with the marquee path to the emulator config file. (#615)
Keil Miller Jr (4 commits)
Minor edits
Added Shuffle module
Added MAME tags
Added core module
Ken Luo (1 commits)
Add Traditional Chinese translation
michaelem (1 commits)
Document all Alignments available in ListBox (#609)
Radek Dutkiewicz (13 commits)
Fixed crash on PI4
Fixed travis error and updated Compile.md
Fixed FPS graph not hiding on pressing the hotkey
ScreenRefreshRate cont.
Added 2 new properties for surfaces + FPSMonitor optimization
Temporary debug logs
Reimplemented ScreenRefreshRate
Added ScreenRefreshRate global variable
FPS Monitor Fix
Added Power Saving toggle
Fixed frame delay on nested surfaces
Willems Davy (1 commits)
mmal hw video decoding error detection and reverting to software if error occured (#627)