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0.8.3 removed


Eagle said:
XP ... boots up faster than any other OS available.

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE and Mandrake 7 boot up A LOT faster than Windows XP does on my machine. Methinks I need even more RAM :(


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u need AT LEAST 256 sdram, i had previously 128, and it was much much much slower. then i added 64, things got considerably better, but after adding another 64, it is much faster. 256 is XP's sweet spot.


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Eagle said:
Any flaming I see will be removed.

Eagle, he (literally) asked for it! :devil:

schibo said:
Sorry to ruin your weekend. Let the flaming begin.

and btw, it did not ruin my weekend. it didnt correct a few things that it was supposed to (flashin' bar), but i think i could tell that the timing was better (PD seems perfect @ CF3 for me, PERFECT:colgate: ). I guess i fell perfectly in your targeted audience (winxp + capable system). imho, 8.3(a)(c) was not a bad release at all.


my only question is: "is there such thing as a bad release?". and hence my only flame is: "why bother removing it?". seriously though, it should be readily apparent to anyone who played with .8.3(a-c) that 1964 is THE state of the art in n64 emulation, so what kind of flaming can there be?



flame thread

Damn you schibo how could you make such a good emu! Why did you do such a damn good move on removing the emu. Damn you on your good job!



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I have 1964 0.83c and I haven't had any of the aforementioned trouble. Jabo's plugin-in works fine in a window, the rom browser doesn't crash with 21+ roms, and I don't think there are any slowdown/freeze problems, although I can't be sure.

Is the problem with Win98 only?


My Specs: WinMe, AMD Athlon 900Mhz, GeoForce2 MX, SoundBlaster Live (Value).


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The rom browser problem appears to have been a 98 problem only. The other problems are for all operating systems.


Mmmmmm.... i just want to notify you that you missed a link on the 1964 page. The "Source" button at the top of the main page still points to the 0.8.3 source. ???


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Haha, the "Tabby" pic I actually found online. The black cat, "Gabby", is my friend's cat. The black cat's real name is Isaac and he's yawning in the pic. Still looks funny as hell I think. :)

Dave: yah thanks. we'll probably just leave the code there for now.


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Back to 1964 0.8.3c

The emu doesn't add automatically .sav after the save states. If you don't do it by yourself, you have to ask "show all files" in the load window. And in the save window, the button to confirm that you want to save says "Open". Comfusing...

Why did you remove the possibility to change cf on the fly? It was usefull in DK64...


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Everytime I save in Zelda Ocarina of Time in 8c, I restart the rom and my save file gets messed up. Like I end up at some place that just shows a black screen, and is ahead of where I was at before.


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They are. I just wanted to mention the load/save windows issue, because, provided that they probably use it as the basis for the next version, the same (stupid) problems could be found in it too.


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Da*n this! Although I have Win98, I STILL want to try
0.8.3! 1964 is the most compatible N64 emu EVER!(Even more than PJ64 because it runs QBC98 and 99)
Also has more consistent speed(I ALWAYS get 63 FPS)

I want it, Want It, WANT IT!
Gimme Gimme! Got to have it.
I wont leave until I get it.
Email it to me in a zip!
[email protected]
Do it NOW or ELSE!