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  • Most issues reported these days stem from users not enabling their emulators to use the required amount of RAM.
    We also tend not to use the search feature but post our issues within the texture pack release page.
    Failure to load a texture pack should not be posted in the release thread unless you have already patched the emulator.

    If you don't have the resources to use Large/HD texture packs please do not attempt to do so.
    Users should have a minimum amount of System RAM not less then 4GB's.
    If you have less then 4GB's of RAM do not post about how your emulator crashes,
    RAM is dirt cheap so invest some money into your PC.

    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
    for posting this Solution.

Zelda Ocarina of time Community Retexture Project


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Zelda Ocarina of time Community Retexture Project <ARCHIVE>




Zelda Community Retexture Project BETA Pack

Special thanks to all the contributors
sick deal
Blooped Out

Project hosted by www.gamelair.com
If i have missed anyone please pm me.
Also if you would like your real name put along side your user name then just say so.

Terms of Use/Download
When downloading and using this pack you agree to the following
  • You will not use any textures for any other purpose then the provided use without the authors permission.
  • You agree not to remove the Authors.txt from the pack.
  • You agree to not upload any version of the pack then the one provided this is to try and keep quality control of the pack at the highest possible.

V4 Pack (Hosting proved by www.gamelair.com)
Download V4 pack"
Upon downloading any of these files you are agreeing to the terms of use/download.

Pack notes:
Some people have being having crashing problems with the latest pack.
Before reporting a problem please try deleting any duplicate textures.
Here is a small list of what textures are duplicated.
THE LEGEND OF ZELDA#DB033A18#4#0_all.png
THE LEGEND OF ZELDA#0C2E0585#0#2_all.png
THE LEGEND OF ZELDA#3FB7A218#0#2_all.png <--this one is in there 4 times--twice as the original texture. .

Misc downloads.
Saves for every dungeon in OoT - Packaged by Chaoszerox
Emulator Package - Packaged by Chaoszerox
Emulator Package contains the following:
1964 emu version 0.9.9 (much better than 1.0 or 1.1)
1964 video plugin community, Revision 67 (latest, recently updated)
Nrage input with xinput rumble support added (Xbox 360 controller rumble)

When will the next pack be released
The next pack will be released when I decide there is sufficient enough of new content.

Currently completed/partially completed Areas
Area		Location			Done?	Remaining textures

Kokiri		Forest				Y	--
Kokiri		Link's House			N	Static Background
Kokiri		Saria's House			N	Static Background
Kokiri		House of Twins			N	Static Background
Kokiri		Shop				N	Static Background, shelves, items
Kokiri		Mido's House			N	Static Background
Kokiri		Know-it-All Bros. House		N	Static Background
Kokiri		Lost Woods			Y	--
Kokiri		Sacred Forest Meadow		Y	--
Kokiri		Sacred Forest Meadow Grotto	N	All

Hyrule		Field				Y	--
Hyrule		Grottos (wood walls & puddles)	N	All except water, grass, chest
Hyrule		Fairy Fountains	(all)		Y 	--
Hyrule		Grottos (spider webs)		N	All except webs

Lon Lon Ranch	Main Ranch			P	House exterior, signs, exterior fences
Lon Lon Ranch	Tower				P	Floor, cows, all wood*
Lon Lon Ranch	Stable				N	Static Background
Lon Lon Ranch	House				N	All

Castle Market	Entrance			N	Static Background
Castle Market	Guard House/Poe Hunter's House	P	All except wood
Castle Market	Main				N	Static Background (young & old)
Castle Market	Alleys				N	Static Backgrounds (3)
Castle Market	Temple of Time Entrance		N	Static Backgrounds (2)
Castle Market	Treasure Chest Game		N	All
Castle Market	Bombchu Game			N	All
Castle Market	Shooting Game			N	All
Castle Market	Happy Mask Shop			N	Static Background, shelves, items
Castle Market	Potion Shop			N	Static Background, shelves, items
Castle Market	Bazaar				N	Static Background, shelves, items
Castle Market	Bombchu Shop			N	Static Background, shelves, items
Castle Market	Alley Room 1 (fat woman)	N	Static Background
Castle Market	Alley Room 2 (bearded man)	N	Static Background

Hyrule Castle	Field				Y	--
Hyrule Castle	Courtyard			Y	--

Temple of Time	Main				P	warp pedistal, sage medallions, columns
Temple of Time	Chamber of Sages		Y

Kakariko	Village				P	Stair sides, bottom of well, some bricks, roofs, signs
Kakariko	Empty House/Potion Shop		N	Static Background, shelves, items
Kakariko	Kid's House/Bazaar		N	Static Background, shelves, items
Kakariko	Adult Talon's House		N	Static Background
Kakariko	House of Skultulla		P	All except webs*
Kakariko	Mayor's House			N	Static Backgrounds (2)
Kakariko	Windmill Hut			N	All except top walls*
Kakariko	Potion Shop 2 (rusted house)	N	All except steam from pots

Graveyard	Main				Y	--
Graveyard	Sun's Song Grotto		Y	--
Graveyard	Hyrule Shield Grotto		Y	--
Graveyard	Dampe's House			N	Static Background
Graveyard	Dampe's Grave			N	All but floor, bones

Death Mtn	Main				P	Red flag
Death Mtn	Grotto (cow)			N	All
Death Mtn	Great Fairy Fountains (all)	N	All
Death Mtn	Crater				N	All

Goron		City				P	Rope, wood, rugs, Darunia statue, wall holes, fabric
Goron		Shop				N	Static Background, shelves, items

Zora		River				Y	--
Zora		Domain				Y	--
Zora		Domain (Ice)			Y	--
Zora		Shop				N	Static Background, shelves, items
Zora		Fountain			Y	--
Zora		Fountain (Ice)			Y	--

Lake Hylia	Main				Y	--
Lake Hylia	Fishing Hole			P	Grass around side
Lake Hylia	Lakeside Laboratory		Y 	--

Gerudo		Valley				P	Wood plank, some stone walls, stone-to-dirt transition, wood pillars
Gerudo		Fortress			N	All except ground
Gerudo		Fortress Interior		N	All
Gerudo		Wasteland			N	All
Gerudo		Desert Colossus			N	All

Sky		Day				Y	--
Sky		Dawn				Y	--
Sky		Dusk				Y	--
Sky		Night				Y	--
Sky		Evil/Gray			N	All

Dungeon		Deku Tree			Y	--
Dungeon		Dodongo's Cavern		Y	--
Dungeon		Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly	Y	--
Dungeon		Forest Temple			P	Almost Finished
Dungeon		Fire Temple			N	All
Dungeon		Ice Cavern			Y	--
Dungeon		Water Temple			N	All except few walls and floor
Dungeon		Spirit Temple			P	Some
Dungeon		Shadow Temple			N	All

HUD		Opening Menu			Y	--
HUD		Start/Equipment			P	Some bottles need remaking to match the new style.
HUD		Start/Quest Status		P	All except Spiritual Stones and the medallions
HUD		Start/Map			Y
HUD		Start/Select Item		P	A couple are incomplete or need redoing to match the new ones
HUD		In-Game Display			P	Magic meter

Ocarina of Time retexturing development kit

Mode7 created this to have a knowledge and material base for the all retexturers on this project and others.
Among tutorial and tool recommendations it also has links to an extensive library of base textures and a huge collection of reference photoshop files that can show you how a certain texture is made (ordered by area and function)

Find the link here.

If the retextureing development kit does not have the right base textures you are after you can always check the following websites for some.

The art aim
This Retexture Project has a style that everyone should follow if they wish to contribute here.
This project does not seek to add a wildly different art style to the game, but to refine the original,
keeping the original 'feel' of the game, and adding to what the original developers could not produce due to technical limitations (and money).
Not making major changes to what everything is interpreted as, and trying to refine the original into a new, upgraded version of the original is our goal.
Sometimes there are exceptions were the originals, or parts of them just don't fit, or make sense for where they are, or what they appear to be.
These are the only exceptions, and can be improvised and creatively worked upon, changing the original or part of it to something that makes sense, fits and keeps with the original 'feel'.
In the end it's the project management that determines if the texture makes it into the pack.

Terms of Submission
When submitting work for the Zelda OOT Community re-texture project you are agreeing to the following.
  • Artwork submitted isn't permanent, and is subject to replacement by work of higher quality.
  • We reserve the right to keep any work submitted in the pack.
  • You reserve the right to have credit for any work submitted by you.
  • You reserve the right to restrict the use of any work submitted by you to this pack.
If anyone dislikes this please just tell me or if you have a better written version please post it.
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Wow, I gotta say, I expected a completely different ToT style. However, now I've seen it, I really like it. I hope you all finish this! It's differently stylised compared to the other texture projects I've seen so far, which makes me attracted to this project.


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Great! I did not know you had done retexturing too. Very cool.

Hey, I noticed the Button backgrounds have texture overlap a little on the left. I would think making the buttons just a little bit smaller on the canvas would correct this. Just a suggestion. ;) :)

So, how long has this project been going on? And do you know where Mode7 is?



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Nope there just etxtures that were posted ages ago.

And i abandoned this project (Because of Kmans pack(if you luck enought to have his awesome pack) )


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I did all the skies as I promised long ago.
This was far more work than I expected since they consist of over 450 textures. But it was worth it!
Special thanks go out to microdev for his HiRes-Easer tool.

They are rendered and therefore aligned, so the transitions are really nice to watch.
The resolution is 4096x512 without the top (which is additionally 1024x1024).
So you will need A LOT of Vram (Maybe I'll do a smaller version).

Is there a way to use DXT texture compression with rice? I think this would improve performance a lot.

I consider this as a standalone release for the community project - though I'm working on Zelda atm just for fun.

Concerning Mario: It's not death but I can't be bothered working on it right now.




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Wow.... awesome work on the sky textures. They are beautiful by themself, but they fit perfectly too. Great job!


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Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the static 320x240 Backgrounds

Yep you sure can! Gonetz has made a tool that dumps the textures so that Glide64 can load 'em up!

Here's the link to the tool: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=43644

And Here's an example of what Djipi has been able to do with it:



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whoa ctatumt - will those textured backgrounds be in the updated Celda pack? If so that would be too good.

Djipi said his pack is going to be 100% complete so... yeah I'm guessing these still backgrounds will be released :)

Anywho mode7, this is looking SO good! I agree that the new skybox looks really really great. It gives the sky a lot more depth! Everything else is coming along nicely also. Keep it up